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  1. 2.5g Pico

    I've got the same statue in my freshwater tank
  2. My new obsession

    it's really clean aquascaping. simple and clean. very nice. i think i actually tried to over do mine.. i've got a little too much rock.
  3. New to hobby/site

    I put some better pictures up. i did some aquascaping. it looks better now (to me atleast). i took out the carbon and sponge out of the filter and packed it with lr rubble on the bottom and chaeto on the top..was this a good idea? i also placed an old reading lamp for light for the cheato.. i added a single LED moonlight.. i think its enough for the pico. ive noticed a couple litte filter feeders on the new piece of rock i bought. they seem to be harmless so far. i added some snails today, also.
  4. Pineapple shaped...thing

    i too have one of those stuck in the crevices of my lr
  5. Reefbowl video, first blended sps/lps pico

    When i saw your tank(s) my jaw dropped... the size of the tank and and the work.. just simlpy amazing!!
  6. 1 gallon pico

    im still in awe of the filter
  7. First Reef Tank - 3g Picotope

    really nice looking tank.. i like the aquascaping
  8. New to hobby/site

    Hey everybody. I just set up my first Pico last Friday. Everything has been running smooth with it so far. I have been using the forums on this site to basically guide me. It has given me all sorts of great advice. My pico is a 3g jbj as of now it is all stock. When adding my lr I found a nice surprise a small hermit (still researching type), and after adding discovered what looked to be like a small sponge. I've got a pic i took with my cell phone, but I will add more soon. Any advice, tips, useful knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Also, anybody know any reefers around N.Alabama?