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  1. Sweet, I recently moved to a bigger reef as well, picked up a Reefer 250 and love it, still a nano some might say, but I did the build thread elsewhere https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/rich’s-reefer-250.408052/#post-4916421
  2. Thanks! its a redsea reefer 250 its 65 gallons with the sump - i think its still considered a nano
  3. Thanks! There is no way I would have figured that out... but yeah I think the yellow tang got some extra protein
  4. Not joking, I thought it was a worm, it disappeared after a few minutes, maybe something ate it
  5. Guys can anyone take a stab at this? Should I get him out?
  6. Hi guys a lot has changed, even the tank, here is the new tank I will do a new thread
  7. Excellent condition $190 shipped
  8. Like new used for about 3 months
  9. Everything you need set up monitoring pH and temperature and setup ATO Apex was used for a few months everything looks and works great, asking $470 shipped Apex classic (eb 8, controller, ph probe temp probe, and display) Apex breakout box ATO.com switches
  10. I can't wrap my head around this, whats the purpose? I think that a tank should look like you are looking at an actual coral reef the way mother nature intended, no tank equipment visible, no little divers or mermaids, no frag racks. Is it that you want to buy a small frag and grow it out then attach it to the rock? can't you just buy a big coral?
  11. sna66


    agreed, break the rock into smaller pieces so you can create caves and stuff
  12. lol free bubble algae with purchase
  13. Hmmm, that’s strange my skimmer started pulling out dirt from day 1 and all I had was uncured rock and water. I have the air valve almost closed it works great so far
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