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  1. Agree with Ty, I had an order show up damaged by UPS and submitted a ticket. Couple days later no update to the ticket so I called and Travis answered. He bent over backwards to go after UPS for the claim for me. In the end, UPS decided they had no fault even though I had them on video throwing my box onto my concrete front porch, and Big Al's ate the loss and refunded me even though it was in no way their fault. Give them a call and I'm sure they'll make it right.
  2. Thanks for the contest! One note, on your site you have it listed as Cobalt Aquatics Reef Complete, where it's name is actually Complete Reef. Subbed your channel.
  3. You can have a planted tank! There are plenty of saltwater plants available to the hobby. There are some really nice examples of planted saltwater tanks on this site. Here's a couple:
  4. Care to share the breeder info you got your clowns from? Sorry if I missed it but didn't you get a pair? What happened to the second one?
  5. Looking into getting Liferock shapes as well, how do you like it?
  6. 100% blue, 74% white with a 30 minute ramp up and down. I have the moonlight set to 1% blue 0% white for 4 hours.
  7. Here's mine with the Current light on it.
  8. That clamp will hit the baffles in the rear of the tank. Here's a few options that will work: The clamp on this one MIGHT fit: https://www.amazon.com/HIPARGERO-LED-Aquarium-Light-Saltwater/dp/B0727V8C5Q/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_199_tr_t_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=ADVYWB4ZEWG3BBRHSS6Z This one actually attaches to the back of the tank, I have the freshwater version and I like it: https://www.amazon.com/Fluval-Nano-Marine-Reef-Performance/dp/B00BNRZBE4 This is the upgraded version of the light I use on that tank and I really like it: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GFTK7CQ/ref=twister_B00YTXD58I?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  9. I have the same tank with a Current Orbit Marine LED 18". Fits great and I like the color. I had some basic SPS growing well under it too.
  10. TLDR: are you getting the freshwater version of this light in?
  11. I saw the new IM Black aquariums on your site, can you tell me if they are low iron? If not what makes them cost as much as the Aquamaxx tanks that are low iron? Thanks!
  12. Sorry, I should have mentioned that it is also reef safe and the best part is it is sold at pet stores everywhere, including Petsmart so you don't have to wait for shipping.
  13. API General Cure worked wonders with my Black Snowflake Clownfish, same symptoms long white stringy poo.
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