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  1. Oh, and advice will vary but I'd suggest 20 to 30 gallons as a good starting size. Much smaller adds to the level of difficulty. Bad things happen fast in a small tank.
  2. Good news is begginner corals like mushrooms and zoas can be pretty cheap.
  3. I'd say realistically it's probably $1000 to get started even with the most frugal tank. More frugal than that probably needs a greater level of experience.
  4. And then do another water change with your regular RO/DI or whatever you normally use tomorrow. You could even just add those last 4 gallons very hot to whatever is mixing now.
  5. If you have chlorine remover I would use tap water at the right temp ASAP.
  6. Depends on tank size. 20 gallons plus I would leave it in for the CUC.
  7. I agree with chaeto being the way to go.
  8. Is it mobile? Did it come in recently as a hitchhiker on that rock?
  9. I'd love to do this again but I think I'd love staying married even more.
  10. I'm selling my complete pico setup with stand and light from the pico contest. Pickup in Missouri only. $100 OBO. But because it would be a nightmare to mail it needs to be pickup only in Missouri. check out the build thread. https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/386246-duderubbles-test-tube-of-rubble-a-creative-container-contest-entry/?page=3
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