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  1. Missing this tank - contemplating a new one ...
  2. All sold and gone - as a complete setup this tank is officially gone! ...i sense another one in my future, but it may not be a nano... for now I am going to simplify down to 2 FW setups...
  3. This entire setup is for sale - as I am moving and need to simplify things right now. I have a pending offer, but will take back-ups. Local pick-up only (Phoenix AZ area) and prefer to sell the whole thing, or in the following chunks: Tank, Stand and Light: $140 All Livestock, Sand and Rocks: $225 MP-10: $160 All together: $500 OBO I think everything is pretty well documented throughout this thread. This is less than 25% of what I put into the whole thing... as crazy as that might sound to some.
  4. Ughhh... I have thought about lowering the water level and using a soldering iron to maintain a border... moohahahaha But, I was hoping maybe i could find a coral that would effectively bully it a bit...
  5. I was given a small Blasto colony by a friend and am considering where I might place it... Wondering if GSP will overrun it? It looks like my Acropora is the only coral that seems to win against the GSP so far... I searched around, but couldn't find any obvious answers to this question. In fact, to take it a step farther - in your collective experience, which corals will win against GSP?
  6. Frequent, large water changes I turn it WAY down, and run in Crest mode. Still works really well though. If I place it any higher I get water over the top, any lower and I have a sand storm...
  7. So what is the record anyways for running a rimless nano with no filter? I have to admit I am getting a little sick of maintaining this tank, but it seems that I somehow find more steam just when I think I have had enough. I will have to go back and check the post dates in this thread, but I think I am 28+ months in...
  8. Natural filtration is working out fine - just requires lots of water changes. If you keep the glass clean every few days, you really only need to change the water once every other week or so. Only 1 scare in 26+ months - when I changed the lighting from 5hr/day to 7hrs a day all the SPS bleached out and I thought I killed them. It ended well though. Current lighting is a Aqualine 20k + 2x Actinic LEDs
  9. I have seen those. The problem is controlling the temp without having put another wire in the tank... not really sure it is possible.
  10. Hmmm.... At this point, if I was to do it again, I might consider drilling it or doing an overflow of some sort. Keeping it clean is quite the chore, but still rewarding. The only thing I don't like about the tank is the wires that go in for the heater and the temp probe. I have thought about trying to find some sort of a warming base to set the tank on - to remove the final wires. Not sure if such a thing exists though - I am imagining like a mini heating pad with a temp control on it. Oh, I would also set a few of the rocks A LITTLE farther from the glass - I have a tough time cleaning some areas of the tank without damaging the coral...
  11. Not sure exactly, what you are looking for, but here are some photos from about 5 minutes ago, looking more at the tank than what is in it...
  12. thx i will try to remember to snap some photos tomorrow afternoon when the lights come back on.
  13. The gorgonias do not grow quickly, but they seem to be very tolerant / easy to keep. I really like the purple on. Mine are both photosynthetic....
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