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  1. Atoll with acans and more acans
  2. Kessil 360we with gooseneck

    Still available???
  3. yourreef.com 20 sps frags pack $200 free shipping. saltwaterfish.com has at least once a week freshipping over $99 (subscribe to their newsletter) or sometimes $10 shipping over 99$
  4. Recommend a turkey baster?

  5. BRS Dry rock, long term reviewers needed.

    25g +sump, around 20lbs of reefsaver and pukani rock
  6. BRS Dry rock, long term reviewers needed.

    I have BRS reef saver and pukani for two years, never had a problem with algae or phospates
  7. Nano Pipeless Protein Skimmer Giveaway from CAD Lights!

    My favorite corals....... Acans
  8. Fluval Edge Tank Thread

    i'll be selling this one in a couple of weeks if anyone in interested. 9cree leds dimeable
  9. ReefKeeper Lite ?

    Or a neptune system.......
  10. Fluval Edge Tank Thread

    In the mail for my edge,should be here by saturday!!! thanks to IluminAqua
  11. The Acan Club :P

    most of them are from saltcritters, that one is from de CT frag farmer market.
  12. The Acan Club :P

    just take it
  13. The Acan Club :P

  14. The Acan Club :P

    My orden from saltcritters, 23 acan frags + 2 sps
  15. My 1st SaltCritters Order

    wow , my order was shipped today, 24 frags $130..... can't be beat it