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  1. prtrini01

    Nano-Reef.com 9th Birthday Giveaway

    Happy 9th Birthday Nan-Reef!!!
  2. prtrini01

    Green feather ended thing

    could be some type of feather caulerpa maybe.
  3. prtrini01

    my pico

    Great looking tank. What are your stocking plans?
  4. prtrini01

    pico led ?

    The LEDs that deli sold for the barracuda has 6. 4 blue and 2 white, dimmable. It's plenty bright.
  5. prtrini01

    Best LED lighting for Barracuda Pico

    Dimmable is definitely the key. I have one of deli's barracuda's with his dual pendant style LED lights for it. It's only 6 LEDs, 4 blue and 2 white, but it's still extremely bright when you turn it up. It's dimmable, but I'm still having difficulty getting my corals to adjust to it. Without being able to dim the fixture you have to raise the height of you fixture or use screens over your tank between the fixture and remove one every week or so to acclimate your corals to the new PAR.
  6. prtrini01

    Ruroreef, Uber mini tank.

    Nice. Can't wait to see this one up and running. Good luck!
  7. prtrini01

    Ruroreef, Uber mini tank.

    Cool! What are you planning for water movement?
  8. prtrini01

    My damsel is turning black

    The damsel could be under stress if you are using them to cycle the tank. Some fish will change colors when they are scared or stressed out. As ammonia builds in the tank during the initial cycling it can rise to toxic levels that may kill your fish. You may just want to use live rock to cycle the tank then add the fish after all your levels are stable.
  9. prtrini01

    Free Birdsnest

  10. prtrini01

    redoing my pico

    That's really awesome!!! I like the LED mod on the picotope light. That's the first one I've seen. I'm running LEDs on my picoaquariums barracuda. It really is the way to go.
  11. prtrini01

    11 Gallon GLA Rimless office tank w/ LEDs Build

    Really nice tank. Looks like you are off to a great start. How are you planning on mounting the fixture above the tank?
  12. prtrini01

    Roxy's Jellyfish Tank

    Awesome Tank!!!
  13. This is the place out in PA. I haven't been there, but I dealt with Rob when he was in Hackensack. Cool Guy. http://poconocoralfarm.com/
  14. Can I get the info for the coral farmer in Hackensack? I know Rob Alti used to be there, but he's since moved to PA.
  15. prtrini01

    GSP hasnt opened

    +1 to that. GSP is the hardiest of corals. Mine spent 3 days in shipping last month. I thought they were dead as they sat out in the cold for hours. It took mine a week, but 4 polyps opened up. A week later I had over 20 polyps and the purple mat started to get shiny again. Don't give up on it. Just give it time.