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  1. Update, first fish and fraga are in, everything is open and happy.
  2. No media basket in the works, plan on keeping the fish load very minimal and weekly water changes. Thank you for the compliments and hope to see your tank up and running soon.
  3. I will post updates as soon as I have some. I went with 20 lbs of dead LR that my buddy had. Chief it in bleach for 2 weeks before it went into the tank. I'm running the Cobalt neo therm 75w. I found the best reviews for that heater with the smallest variants in temp.
  4. After exiting the reefing scene with a 120g mixed reef some 5 years ago the bug has taken hold again. It doesn't help that I have a very nice LFS a block from my job lol So I went ahead and purchased a Cobalt C vue 18G with the blessing of my better half, she knows how it goes with tanks lol I wanted to shoot for the best stuff I could get right off the bat and not make the same mistakes I made last time with endless upgrades. I went with an AI prime HD for the light and a MP10 QD for flow and stick regimen pump. Smart ATO micro will take care of the evap for me. Black sand and about 18lbs of dead and dried live rock. I cured the rock in a bleach mixture for about a two weeks and it's been in my tank cycling for the last two weeks. I have way more patience this go round as I know exactly what I'm getting into. Things rank will be a mixed reef with a few sps. Happy to be back in the game and can't wait to see what time brings.
  5. Just getting back into the salt game, my last tank was a 120g mixed reef some 5 years ago. Going with the waterbox 20g Kessil a80 and mp10. Will start a build thread as soon as I get it. Pic is of my last reef.
  6. Pic update, Aussie chalice Unknown with great color and potential PL Unknown Unknown 10 PPE now Silver Surfer RP Right side tower Yumas and rics Tubbs Chalice Superman monti has really puddled out Caps growing well Independence and blastos Clowns and there nems Left side Right side FTS
  7. Using seachem Salinity and loving it. I do weekly WC of 20g, the blue throat has been an awesome fish with no problems whatsoever.
  8. Finally got my Marshall Island Yellow Fuzzy Right side pillar My lil boy MBA Stag finally starting to sprout Miami Hurricane Blue Ice PPE's up to 8 polyps now My favorite cap as of late Tubbs Alien eye watermelon growing really well Ora chips It's a chalice
  9. They are so cute but their fur makes me break out when I used to be a vet tech. Their fur can be so rough LOL
  10. Oh boy this should be fun.
  11. Great price and beautiful piece wish I had the money.
  12. And if you order now will double your order
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