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  1. Bob's 7.5G Long, the re-boot

    Well, the bad luck continued...I got dyno's in the tank. I got frustrated and gutted the whole setup. Going to back to fresh for a while. I am using the ray2 light, an AC20, florite base substrate with a black sand cap, same heater. Stocking with cories, rummynose tetras, and a bolivian ram. Thanks to all that followed along. Here is a parting shot of the new setup. Peace out!
  2. Bob's 7.5G Long, the re-boot

    I'll try to get pics tonight.
  3. Bob's 7.5G Long, the re-boot

    Bad news for my fish. I introduced a tiny clownfish to pair with my single clown, and the new clown introduced brooklynia (sp?) to the tank. Both clowns and my tailspot died within three days, it must have been a very strong strain. The corals and my inverts are doing great. I now have two digitatas, the stylo, and montipora confusa. I think I am going to keep the tank fish free until the disease clears my system. If I remember right, I think it is for 30 days. Then I have to decide how to stock it again. Overall very sad though. I had those fish for a long time.
  4. Bob's 7.5G Long, the re-boot

    Tank is dark, I'll have to take pics tomorrow. The light is the finnex Ray 2, I have the one with an actinic strip and a 10,000k strip. It is really bright for a tank this shallow: http://www.finnex.net/index.php/ray2_series/?___store=default
  5. Bob's 7.5G Long, the re-boot

    Ok, picked up a confusa frag and two orange digitata frags. All 3 were tiny, so there is lots of room to grow. I also picked up chaeto and started up my fuge in my ac70 again.
  6. Bob's 7.5G Long, the re-boot

    Thanks folks! I'm probably going to go with low light sps, montipora confusa, maybe a couple of digitatas. I'm going to get small cuttings to help prevent hitchhikers. I wound up with some bubble algae last time from zoa frags.
  7. Bob's 7.5G Long, the re-boot

    Ok, here is the re-boot. Not very pretty, but it is basically a new tank. I think I am going with SPS only, due to the intensity of my lighting in this shallow tank. Pics...
  8. Bob's 7.5G Long, the re-boot

    To answer the lighting questions, yes I was using the 10,000k and actinic version. So....my tank slowly started to get more and more mucked up with nuisance algae. I was getting cyano and I just couldnt get it to go away no matter how often I changed my water. I started losing zoas again, and the dying zoas fouled the water even more, so the water quality started to spiral down. I decided to do a full reset on the tank. I moved my current rock and critters into an old 10g tank and I completely cleaned out the 7.5g. I bought new live rock and I have it in the tank, with sand (you were right eclipse) and I am letting it cycle. I'm thinking of running it very simple, with just a few SPS pieces (which seem to do better than zoas with my lighting). I will post some pics when I get it all back up.
  9. Bob's 7.5G Long, the re-boot

    Tank is doing really well since the redo. I picked up a frag of montipora confusa. Here are some pics... Confusa: A good pic of my clown: Random pics:
  10. Bella's 3g Pico

    Thanks! I guess its all the water changes.
  11. Bob's 7.5G Long, the re-boot

    Thanks for the compliment. My plan is to move some things around and let things grow out. I might add another zoa variety if I can get a hold of something nice. I want to move my darth mauls down in the tank, they haven't grown at all in their current location. They aren't visible in the pics, but I also have some cool st. thomas mushrooms that are super tiny. As far as livestock, I need to add a couple of cerith snails.
  12. Bob's 7.5G Long, the re-boot

    Its been a long time, but here is an update. The tank has been doing fairly well, although I went through some cyano issues and I also have some bubble algae clusters in the tank. I had great success turning my 3g into a bare bottom, so I decided to do the same to this tank. Here are some pics...they were all taken less than an hour after the redo. The water is still a little cloudy. Before: After: Top Shot: Zoa Shots:
  13. Bella's 3g Pico

    Right now all I have is a couple of red leg hermits and a couple of cerith snails. I have found that not much else can survive in such a small tank. Weekly water changes of about 3/4 gallon. I rinse the AC sponge weekly and change out my pura pad monthly. I'm planning on keeping the tank as is. I know that some folks think that the pico is too small for the damsel, but he seems to be very healthy and happy in my tank.
  14. Bella's 3g Pico

    Tank is approaching a year and a half now. I decided that the tank needed a remodel, so I pulled all the inhabitants out, dumped the sand, and scraped all the corraline off of the glass. Put everybody back in and everything opened up right away and seemed to appreciate the cleaned up house. I've never had a bare bottom tank before, but I like the look of it with this setup. We will see how it goes.
  15. Bob's 7.5G Long, the re-boot

    Changed my Purigen. I'm considering making a livestock change. My female clown is getting pretty big and I think I need to trade her for something more reasonable. They have some yellow clown gobies at my LFS, I'll probably pull the trigger this week.