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  1. Dunk's 150g

    I've had him since mid-November and he's a piggy. Eats pretty much everything I throw in the tank. I've heard bad things about them in the past, which is why I went with a Diver's Den one.
  2. Dunk's 150g

  3. Dunk's 150g

    Finally got the screen top made, and added the first fish! I added a potter's angel, a lamark's angel, a female watanabei angel, a flame angel, a citron goby, a yellow clown goby, a royal gramma, a female solorensis wrasse, a starry blenny, and a two-barred rabbit fish. All of these fish have been in QT for quite a while. The gramma, blenny, rabbit, and flame were all in my 75g system before I decided to run an ich free system, then subsequently decided to go ahead and upgrade. Hopefully I'll get some pics tomorrow once everyone is settled. And yes, I realize that is a lot of fish to add at once. Since they is an upgrade from an aged setup and most of the fish are on the smaller side, I figured I'd roll with it. Here's a teaser pic of the potter's from when I bought him off of Diver's Den.
  4. Dunk's 150g

    Went on a 7 store shopping spree. Got a bunch of new fish, and 9 new frags!
  5. Dunk's 150g

    I decided to order a WP40 this week, and just finally got around to installing it. This thing really moves some water compared to my old koralias. Also got an algae bloom this week, which means fish will start being introduced soon. Once I get the rest of the pieces for my screen top, I'm planning on assembling it and getting my shyest fish in first. All but 3 fish are currently done with qt and ready to go.
  6. Dunk's 150g

    My iPhone hates the kessils, but some of the inhabitants are settling in nicely. Hoping to start adding fish out of the qts this weekend.
  7. Dunk's 150g

    The contents of the 75g were transferred on Sunday. Not the best pic, but this is right after everything got moved over and running. I also ordered more rock, because what I had wasn't enough. 20lbs of dry tonga came from BRS supply today. I'm not sure I'm happy with them for the price and the fact they didn't include the rubble I ordered.
  8. Dunk's 150g

    Tank is plumbed!!!
  9. Dunk's 150g

    Got all the plumbing pieces to do my overflows and returns for in the tank today. Still need to either find a reasonably priced source for spaflex, or change my plans in order to figure out how to do the sump. The tentative plan is to gather up the rest of the stuff I need tomorrow, and possibly start putting it all together later in the week. I'm planning on spraypainting the pvc inside the overflow box so it will be much harder to notice, but considering I only have a 50gpd rodi it shouldn't delay me any. They leave multiple "frags" in the yard every day, but I like you too much to send you one of those! lol
  10. Dunk's 150g

    Stand has been finished, moved in, and the tank is on it! Also got the sump finished up and the plan is to start plumbing this week.
  11. Dunk's 150g

    Technically it's Cherry Blossom. I wanted something different, and this fit the bill perfectly. lol I'm excited about the dims, and extremely impressed with the workmanship on the tank. It's actually quite a bit bigger in person than I pictured in my head, and has been dubbed the "indoor pond" by the family.
  12. Dunk's 150g

    After almost 4 years, I decided it was finally time to upgrade my 75g. Tank is a 150g (60"x24"X25") from planet aquariums, drilled with a stock overflow box. I'll be putting a 55g sump underneath it, and the return pump will be a Jebao DC 12000. Lighting will be 2x350w Kessils. Current coral stocking plan is softies with a few lps, and anemones. Finally got the tank. Frenchie for size reference Stand before the doors were hung More to come later.
  13. HalfPint's 40 Breeder

    Looks really good, Halfie!
  14. Help! Six Line lost an eye!

    I'd turn off the tank lights to help reduce stress and to hopefully get the other fish to go to sleep and leave him alone, and then just leave the tank alone. He very well may recover, because six lines are very hardy fish.
  15. Roundworms

    Prazipro works well for most types of intestinal worms and flukes. It is technically reef safe, but it will kill off any feather dusters and possibly bristle worms. It usually takes 2-3 treatments to cure the fish, due to the fact that the medications only kill live worms. If I remember correctly, the dosage is 5mL per 20 gallons. Just dose once and then wait 5-7 days, do a large water change, and then dose again.