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  1. Via-Aqua Nano & More FS

    Sorry, no pic of him and he stays in my rocks most of the time so I don't know if I'll be able to get one or not. ( If I can, I'll post it here. He's a pale pink with some areas almost white. We thought at first he was shedding or unhealthy but he stayed in QT for over a month and has been in my main tank for close to 6 months now so we know he's healthy and it's just his normal color.
  2. I am no longer able to keep up with the maintenance on all of my tanks so have decided to sell off all of them except two. I have a 10g Via-Aqua Nano tank for sale. It has upgraded lighting to a 32 watt SmartLite, built in filtration and includes all of the following: 2 Small Oscellaris Clowns 1 Small Yellow Watchman Goby 2 Emerald Crabs 1 Condy Anemone 1 small piece of Xenia 1 Impatiens Cucumber 1 mushroom rock currently doing poorly but could be saved 15-20 lbs WS Premium Aquacultured Fiji LR My total investment in this tank is pushing $500 but I will sell it for $300. It needs to be picked up in Kalispell, MT or I can deliver it within 250 miles for a fee. I will consider shipping it but all livestock must be shipped overnight and the buyer is responsible for all shipping and packaging costs. I'll pack them as well as I can but I can't be held responsible for any loss during shipping. In addition to this I also have all of the following available: SW LIVESTOCK (make reasonable offers): Sm-Med Yellow Tang - 3" Honeycomb Toby - 4-5" Blue Damsel - 1.5" 3-stripe Damsel - 1.5" StrawberryBasslet - 2.5" Black Brittle Star (when I can find him!) Emerald Crabs (including 1 pale pink one) 10-20 various snails including nassarius, cerith, and astrea 1 abalone 50+ lbs of LR, most is WS Premium Aquacultured Fiji LR FW LIVESTOCK Black Skirt Tetras (15 or so) Pink & Blue Skirt Tetras (8-10, most all have faded to white and are very healthy) Penguin Tetras (1 or 2) Bloodfin Tetras (3 or 4) Clown Loaches (6) Yo-Yo Loaches (3) Ornate Tiger Sand Loach (1) Bumblebee Catfish (2) Spotted Raphael Catfish (1, was sold to me as a talking catfish and he does grunt) Long fin Rosy Barb (1, very red & green metallic) Cherry Barb (2 or 3) Bristlenose Pleco (1, full grown at 6-7”, has a bent tail) Guppies (various colors, some snakeskin – 10-20 depending on current babies) Platies (1pr Blue, 1 black/gold marbled) Red Velvet Swordtails (1pr) Various live plants including Amazon Swords (doing poorly, I just can’t grow these!), Anubis, Hornwort, and others Probably other fish that I can’t remember right now! TANKS 220g with custom stand - drilled for sump - $1050 72g bowfront tank with stand and custom 2 bulb NOF light (also includes original light strip) - currently setup as saltwater - $425 with UGF and 2 powerheads 60g Via-Aqua tank with custom wood stand and built in over the top filtration/lighting - currently FW - $450 10g basic tank w/strip light and hang on the back filters- currently FW - have 2 - $25ea 5g Eclipse Hex 5 w Eclipse filter & light - currently FW - $35 5g acrylic tank with UGF/airpump/stone and light - currently FW - $25 2g hex glass tank with UGF/air pump/air stone but no light - $15 Various 1g tanks with no filters/lights - $3ea I also have lots of other misc stuff that I don't have a list of right now. E-mail me if interested in anything or if you want a more detailed list of anything. My e-mail is tycam2 at excite dot com I WILL CONSIDER ANY AND ALL REASONABLE OFFERS ON ANY OF THE ITEMS LISTED!
  3. I am tearing down my 72g tank and concentrating on my FW and nano-reef tank so I have some stuff to sell. Here's the list: approx 50-60 lbs Walt Smith Premium Aqua-Cultured Fiji LR Aqua C Remora Protein Skimmer (used about 2 mos) 1 Yellow Tang (2-3" very tame) 1 Strawberry Basslet (2-3") 1 3-Stripe Damsel (1.5") 1 Blue Damsel (1.5") 1 Honeycomb Toby (4") 1 Lawnmower Blenny (4-5") 4 Mithrax Crabs 1 black Brittle Star 8-10 Astrea & Cerith snails approx 50 lbs crushed coral substrate (should have copepods, Nassarius snails, etc) OTHER STUFF: 10g tank complete setup with no light 1g bare tanks with no filter or light (great for Bettas!) I would prefer to see to people who can pick up or that I can deliver to. I'm in Kalispell, MT and for the price of gas (in an economical car) could deliver to Missoula or possibly even Spokane, WA. All reasonable offers considered, I really don't want to have to take these back to my LFS! I will also consider trading any of these items for small frags that I can use in my 10g nano, especially a small piece of xenia.
  4. My 12G Eclipse Nano (Graphics Intense!)

    Your tank is awesome! Gives me hope that someday mine will look as good!
  5. My 10g Via Aqua Nano

    Oops, the picture didn't attach!
  6. My 10g Via Aqua Nano

    Here are some updated pics and specs of my 10g. The tank details are: 10g Via-Aqua with original trickle filter 32w PC Smartlite retrofit 100w titanium heater approx 20lbs live rock 1" substrate of crushed granite The inhabitants are: 2 small Oscellaris Clowns a small Yellow Watchman Goby (he'll be moved to my big tank when he gets bigger) 2 Astrea Snails 2 Mithrax Crabs 1 Impatiens Cucumber the original mushroom rock (if anone knows what kind these are please LMK!) another small rock with one small blue polyp a couple of different macroalgaes small condy anemone The Spotted Hawk that was in there was picking on everything so he had to go. I added the clowns in his place. This worked out well because the tank is in my office and the clowns are always much more visible. My ammonia and nitrites have always stayed at 0 but my nitrates went up to 15 for a short time. I have started doing small daily water changes and the nitrates now stay down at 0. pH runs about 8.3 and the temp is a steady 79. Hopefully I'll be able to go to Missoula soon and will get some more corals for in here. I've got the bug bad after seeing all of the gorgeous pics posted!
  7. My 10g Via Aqua Nano

    I just found the 11g. It comes in black, chrome, or silver and has a 36w light. It's the same price ($129.95 or $139.95) as the 10g one thru F&S. http://www.customaquatic.com/customaquatic...CatID=aq-glass# or http://www.customaquatic.com/customaquatic...D=aq-TMLV418H2B
  8. My 10g Via Aqua Nano

    I haven't seen them offered in the different colors recently, only oak finish. Dr's Foster & Smith carries the oak right now for $129.95. You might do some checking around though, Via-Aqua makes an 11g one that comes with PC lighting instead of the lighting that comes with this one. I've looked a little and haven't found them yet but I've heard froms everal people that they are out there.
  9. My 10g Via Aqua Nano

    You're welcome. I don't think there are any true drop in replacement bulbs other than the 13w made specifically for it. That's why I ended up going with the complete kit. I hadn't thought of doing that with the LR crumbles. I still have the original filter media in there. I had planned on pulling all of the media out once I got a bit more rock in the tank and just using the filter for circulation but I think I'll try your idea instead.
  10. Colt Frag Anyone?

    Where are you located and how much would you sell them for?
  11. My 10g Via Aqua Nano

    Thank you Chang! I'll be ordering some more frags for it soon and will post pics when I get them in. I ordered the lighting retrofit from Dr's Foster & Smith. It's the 13" one (page 62 of the current catalog, item #FF-518529) and the cost was $51.99 plus shipping. This price includes a 32w 50/50 bulb (8800K Ultra-Daylight/Ultra-Actinic) We had to make a slight modification to the hood to make this fit because the inside of the hood is sloped. To fix this, we screwed a piece of 1x2 to the inside and mounted the light to that. The switch on the smartlite didn't fit the original hole for the switch so we cut it off and used the old vinyl covered switch that's originally on the hood. It took a total of about 20 minutes to install. The ballast on it is lightweight and sits on a shelf under my tank. It's an instant start too so there's no flickering when you turn it on. I wanted to keep the original filter and hood combo and this is the only retrofit I've seen that will fit into the existing hood on this tank. It was also the least expensive of any of the options I had. The other options were a pendant light or a small clamp type light. I could have gotten more wattage with the latter options but prefer the look of the complete tank this way and I still have plenty of light for the stuff I want to keep.
  12. My 10g Via Aqua Nano

    close-up of mushrooms...
  13. My 10g Via Aqua Nano

    Tank with mushrooms opened up...
  14. My 10g Via Aqua Nano

    Thanks for the compliments! The trim of the tank (including the hood) is bright blue and it has a 50/50 bulb in it so it looks even more blue. No, I didn't do it only because someone told me I couldn't. I wanted to do it anyway but everyone I knew with salt experience said I couldn't do it and should stick with a larger one. That made up my mind for me, I'm one of those horribly annoying people that if I'm told I can't do it, I have to try it! I keep a very close watch on all of the levels and so far have not had any problems. It was FO with a blue damsel for about 2 weeks before I got my good lighting and added the rocks and shrooms. I just put the Hawk in last week and he seems very happy in there. The tank is located at my work (I live in the same building and check the levels/feed daily) and he comes out to greet everyone who walks near the tank. I'll get a couple of new pics posted in a few minutes. One of the tank with the mushrooms opened and a close-up of the mushrooms.
  15. I'm located in Kalispell, MT and am looking for the following: Red and/or green gracilaria macro Grape Caulerpa Pre-skim box for Aqua C Remora skimmer Tank measuring 20-24 long, 10-12 wide, and 10 high (acrylic is preferred because I want one with no plastic trim) - no lid is necessary but lights would be a plus. Small (1" or less) tank raised Oscellaris Clown Pulsing Xenia If you're located within a few hours of zip 59901 I can pick up. Contact me at tycam2@excite.com or post reply here as I check this often.