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  1. WOW... What camera lens are you using again? Great shots.
  2. Incredible man... great job and pics!
  3. This IS amazing!
  4. I'm doing really well thanks. I have a reef tank again and I can't ask for more, you? I love that story with your mom helping such a great post.
  5. So sweet Kat! Love it.
  6. Awesome shots Ben the tank looks amazing!
  7. Wow congrats!
  8. So I've been getting some brown algae in my sand bed which I figured it was my RO water as I have tested Nitrates/Phosphates and their levels are still pretty low being a new tank and all. My big RO reservoir is at 0 TDS but when I transfer the water to the tank I'm at 2 or 3 TDS. I figure that's the source of my algae issues. Question is how is this happening? I use a small pump with a piece of tube to fill up the ATO in the sump area which I recently gave a vinegar bath. After I finish using the pump I generally rinse it out with non RO water and hang it to dry. So maybe there are some small droplets of non RO water left over inside the pump and tube which are causing my issues?! I figure this is where I'm going to start. I'll be taking the pump apart properly and letting it dry out 100% between uses. Anyone else have any thoughts?
  9. So it's an all in one or are you adding a sump?
  10. Thanks Eugene... what are you working on now?
  11. Here's a bit of an update. I've added a number of corals, a clown fish and a Bi-Color Blenny. I also changed the scape on the right a bit again, I really like this new view from the side. Anyways Happy New Years everyone. Quick Photo Dump... Latest FTS Side Profile This duncan is doing well. Pink Zoa's
  12. What precautions did you take when you went on vacation? How long did you go away for?
  13. I think in a nano environment you either a) don't run a skimmer or run it extremely dry.
  14. Looks incredible...