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  1. Thanks Nalbar, glad to hear all arrived well and in good condition. thank you, Rob
  2. Hi PJtech, Glad to hear you were pleased with your order and all arrived well and in good condition. Nice pics! Rob
  3. Please also ask about corals I don't list on my site. My "Private Reserve" of corals. Thank you, Rob
  4. Thanks for the bump. Hello Everyone, I just thought I would let you know I have ORA tank-raised acquaculture frags coming in this Friday. Here's what I am getting in: 12 fighting conchs 4 Ocellaris False percula clowns 2" 2 False Black Percular clowns 2" 3-2" cultured Hippopus clams 1-1 1/2" maxima clam colored ultra 1-1 1/2" maxima clam gold 2-3" Pocillopora damicornis green 3-3-4" Elkhorn Montipora 3-3-4" Montiporra digitata (green) 3-3-4" Montiporra digitata (orange) 1-2-3" German Blue Polyp Digitata 2-2" Blue-tip Staghorn 3-green bali slimers 3-blue Tortuosa 3-Nathan's Millepora green 2-Scripps green tip staghorn 3-capnella 12-zooanthid seamats (in crazy colors!!! as seen at Louisville MACNA) 3-small long polyp sacrophyton leathers E-mail me for price details. Thank you, Rob
  5. Hi Guys, I would definitely recommend keeping a proteing skimmer on the nano tank like a seaclone, prizm, or skilter to keep water quality high as well as enough pc's and watts per gallon to sustain the anemone. I would very highly recommend making sure all pump intakes are covered by pre-sponge to keep the anemone from getting sucked up in the intake. Rob
  6. Hi Guys, I just added new pics of the corals I have to offer. They are from Pacific Aquafarms (aka Walt Smith) and many are acquacultured in Tonga and Fiji. Pics are posted on my "Colonies" page. I haven't added paypal "add to cart" buttons yet but will do so shortly this morning. If anyone wants a nice nano cleanup kit or cleanup kit in general just drop me an e-mail with your tank size and I can custom tailor one for you. Thank you, Rob
  7. I am hoping to have pics posted tonight if not this weekend at the latest. I will add an updated reply when new corals are posted, etc. Thank you, Rob
  8. Thanks for the info. No hurry here. I'm fairly busy as I have many new Walt Smith acquacultured corals to add to my site, etc. Thank you, Rob
  9. I would try the dig down from the top approach and just let you lobster redig his hole. Thanks for the "heads up" on the link. I registered there and posted a reply to the message. I just wanted to make sure that they are able to let me know a little ahead of time so I can have everything in stock, etc. Thank you, Rob
  10. That sucks... My railway glider goby sometimes moves frags too. I often have to dig them back out. Which green tree vanished? I always carry around a nice pair of long tweezer/tongs for instances such as these. I would try using something to see if you can get in there w/o disturbing everything too badly like maybe a section of coat hanger with a little loop in the end. If you could find it I could always hook you up with another. Rob
  11. Thanks for the compliments guys I appreciate it. Drop me an e-mail and I can custom tailor a cleanup crew, corals, etc. to fit your nano-tank. Thank you, Rob