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  1. Tunze 9004 DC Skimmer

    update with pics
  2. Its a fantastic skimmer. This the DC controllable version so you can dial it in for wet or dry skimmate. Asking $100 shipped
  3. Hypes SPS Dropoff Peninsula-New Skimmer

    Hey guys really sorry for the delay. Had a bit of a setback (kind of a long story ill describe in more detail)
  4. Hypes SPS Dropoff Peninsula-New Skimmer

    Thanks Nola!! I need to update more regularly. Thanks alot Tibbs I appreciate it. This one is definitely a work in progress. Sooooo many setbacks. The aquamai are great pumps but Im not using them anymore because I found them to be a bit underpowered for my setup.
  5. Sold.

  6. Hypes SPS Dropoff Peninsula-New Skimmer

    Thanks for the feedback. So far the tank has been free of pests and I started adding some frags over the last month. I'll have some new FTS pics at the end of the month!
  7. Living Room Nano Peninsula

    Looks really good love the frag selection. Any plans for biofiltration?
  8. Sold.

    I found another box of Phosphate reagents so a total of 48 Phosphate tests would be included.
  9. digitata losing fluorescence

    I can tell you from my personal experience that the few times I stripped my water clean by either using too much GFO,carbon or zeorocks one of the first animals to show signs of distress were my digis. I've always had acans and at the moment I have a nice sized Scoly and during these mishaps the LPS were unaffected.
  10. digitata losing fluorescence

    I'll try to keep this short.. Based on your feedback If you are are having issues keeping your Digi happy it's because your water is too clean from excess GFO. I've done this on occasion when trying to get rid of unwanted algae. Digi like medium to high light and high flow but they do need nutrients in the water to really thrive IME. I'd recommend reducing the amount of GFO you are using and feeding your tank a bit more. A reading of 0 on the hanna ULR is not ideal as these corals need phosphate.
  11. Cool DIY Algae Reactor (cool being literal)

    Very Cool. How much did everything run altogether?
  12. The METROpolitan: Kat's New Journey

    Hey Kitty, Im really happy to see you were able to find love again. Not only for another cat but to keep your reef running despite all the hardships. Remember the best is yet to come... Always forward,Forward Always -E
  13. Justin's Mixed 9G

    Sorry to hear you lost the tank Justin but hey everything that really matters is still in tact. Cant wait to see what comes next!