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  1. Awesome... I really love how natural this tank looks.
  2. Thanks lulu! Ive never seen them in person either. It was pretty cool to watch her fanning them with her pom poms. I doubt ill see her again with the eggs still in tact so its cool to have a nice shot. Heres a pic of her giving me the "hand" when she had enough pictures She retreated back into the rockwork and I probably wont see her again for a while. Anyhow this is the best shot i've ever gotten of their anemones...pretty cool. Its amazing that no one knows where the crabs find this particular species..
  3. Thanks guys...I was really fortunate to get a shot
  4. So I was up making some RO/DI water last night and happened to peer into the tank and saw my pom pom crab. This is the first time ive seen this crab in months and it looks shes been busy lol. Theres no chance of the eggs being fertilized but its pretty cool to see nonetheless.
  5. Thanks sprite its definitely one of the best HOB skimmers out there.
  6. Withdrawn.
  7. Wow that clam is magnificent! Great build BTW
  8. As you all know patience is one of main keys to being successful in this hobby. I've found this virtue also applies to securing great equipment. Sometimes I've had to wait weeks to find a particular piece of hardware in the classifieds sections but in most cases its totally worth waiting. So share some deals that you personally have been able take advantage of. Be sure to post the retail price of the item and what you paid for it. Include pics too if you can. Ill start... Brand New ATI LED Powermodule Retail: $1,132 Paid $780.00 Never used Hydor 160 Calcium Reactor Retail: $324.00 Paid $150.00 Used Elos Osmocontroller Retail: $199.00 Paid $75.00 Used Hanna Checkers (ALK,Phosphate,Calcium) New Reagents Retail: $150.00 Paid $60.00
  9. Any model that supports the quick disconnects makes it super simple. And since the reactor supports so much growth you likely can go nearly a month before pruning.
  10. Well I just upgraded to the "E" version which can accept the quick disconnects that Pax Bellum designs. I just posted a pic of it in my thread. But im sure you could just use the Eheim Double tap disconnects for your setup. Tank looks great BTW.
  11. LOL Thanks buddy appreciate it. Well I came across a deal that was too good to pass up on the "E" version of this reactor. The main reason I decided to upgrade was this model includes quick disconnects so its much easier to do maintenance. Additionally there is a calcium reactor injection assembly that you can add to it and not too mention its about double the size of my current reactor so more room for chaeto! Now just have to set it up...
  12. Amazing job..whats your lighting schedule/bulb combo?