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  1. Asureef's Red Sea Reefer

    Hey bud the tank still looks fantastic. Are you still seeing any flatworms when you dip?
  2. Wow looks fantastic kinetic..love all the natural lighting. Cant wait to see this mature.
  3. burtbollinger's Red Sea Reefer 170

    Looks awesome BB....love the clean look
  4. Thanks so much Weetie. It was definitely discouraging in the beginning especially after discovering the black bugs but at this point I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just have to be a bit more patient. And if anyone else is having similar issues let me know I can detail my method more thoroughly. Thanks Mark I really appreciate it!
  5. Hey TJ sorry somehow I missed your reply. Well so far the dipping has went pretty well. After the first few dippings I laid off a bit because the frags didnt look too hot. In the meantime I added a frag rack and gave them some time to recover. What took me by surprise was I also discovered black bugs (they look like copepods but are darker and like to burrow inside the polyps of the acros) My initial thoughts was I should just burn all my acros and start over but ultimately decided against it. I wanted to give my best effort first and hopefully document what works as there wasnt much info on them. So I went back to my dipping regimen (every 4 days in melafix marine 20ml per 1/2 cup of tank water) This worked well but I still had a number of these pods in the tank. So I finally added a yellow coris wrasse and he made a huge difference in just a week or two. I was a bit sad to see thousands of pods reduced to almost nothing but it was worth it. I wish I remembered to take a pic of the millepora as it was almost bleached white but still had a tiny bit of PE now its gotten most of its color back despite repeated dips and abuse. I also decided to keep adding to my montipora collection as they were totally unaffected by these pests... picked up a nice appleberry. Im happy overall since I havent seen anymore black bugs and just one small flatworm in my last dip. So things are definitely looking up. The plan is to dip 1-2 a week for the next month and if I can't find any pest ill discontinue dipping and finally let these guys color back up. Im a bit amazed at their resilience as I didn't think they would be able to handle so much stress. Just in case you guys never seen a flatworm up close. Took a pic..
  6. Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef V2

    Awesome pics sean!
  7. B's Gorgonian Playground

    Wow looks awesome JB! Not sure how i missed it. Love the scape
  8. Cheato

    Its that time again..
  9. Cheato

    It sure is!
  10. Cheato

  11. Cheato

    Still available
  12. Cheato

    Just cheato
  13. Acropora crab and acropora/pocillopora
  14. They are tiny but very cool Ive seen them for sale twice this year
  15. Emperor shrimp and Medusa worm