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  1. heres what i see.. EC0297DF-0EC1-48F0-A475-8183E69DEF13_zps
  2. I know the feeling fnard I always miss having halides. I went with the reefbrite hybrid 250watt on my previous build and it was an awesome fixture.
  3. The pics arent displaying. Tank looks great BTW. Hows the sps doing?
  4. Unfortunately I had to give her to my LFS when I broke down the elos.
  5. Of course! I never forget a reefer especially one thats also a talented artist Well thats absolutely awesome I look forward to seeing whatever you have planned next. I like that as well not to mention the pump can be easily removed.
  6. Hey rain!!!!!!!Long time no see. Hope all is well. Really glad to see your still around and thanks for checking in! Any new builds on the horizon? Ive been keeping up with you on Flickr
  7. Thats true customer service right there...Glad they're taking care of you. Im starting to debate if I should sell mine and pick up the new model. hmmm decisions decisions Its actually this model. Thanks so much gena. Technically yes but Im going let the colonies mature for a few more weeks. I do plan to add a fish or two in the meantime.
  8. Great minds think alike
  9. Great pics! what settings are you running the LEDs?
  10. Looks great!
  11. Yea im a bit late to the party... took me a while to get my head back in the game Not much too see at the moment as I havent added any livestock yet.. just letting the bacterial colonies mature since its going to be mostly filled with SPS. Its honestly the last conquest in my reefing career. Ive always wanted to scape something as interesting/unique as a drop off and while it was challenging it was alot of fun.
  12. Very true. Also very true
  13. Looks beautiful as always gena!
  14. It definitely grows on you. Just wait until your coral growth fills in the gaps...its gonna look fantastic.
  15. Agreed.