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  1. Sorry man.I was just looking at the live feed everything else that made it looks really healthy (especially the fish) Just hang in there.
  2. Wow thats beautiful ben....
  3. Thanks alot.
  4. I did the same because I didnt want it to become invasive... It looks great on its own island IMO. I have branching variety of GSP so it looks a bit like a bonsai tree.
  5. Looks good man!
  6. That's the spirit bud
  7. You know im a sucker for new toys So far they fit the bill nicely. This level of control has been available for some time but IME programming pumps to behave in this way was alot more time consuming and required a number of different modules.
  8. lol oh ok. Well if you still need some the next go round ill send you some and you can just pay shipping.
  9. I'm in somerset 08873
  10. Buyer backed out back up for sale
  11. 1 Pending and 1 left.
  12. Sold.
  13. Decided to prune the macroalgae...The reactor was stuffed to capacity(had trouble pulling most of it out) Its pretty amazing how much can actually fit in there.This will be the last pruning for this reactor as Im finally going to setup the larger one. In the meantime im selling two big bags of chaeto (the good stuff with plenty of pods)
  14. Im really really sorry man.... just take some time off. You know I know better than anyone how you feel but give yourself some time and you may feel differently. Could take months or years but once reefing is in your blood it never really me
  15. Beautiful!