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  1. I know right! They dont know it but I really love everything those guys do at BRS.....they truly elevate the hobby.
  2. Thats awesome to hear...Ben or Dave can give you the best recommendations. Although Ive seen quite a few DIY reactors and the results were just as good with the cheap amazon led strips.
  3. Thanks man. Yea they're easy enought to build and I was going back and forth on making my own for a while. Ultimately I preferred the LEDS on the inside of the reactor so I was going to go with the cleartides model but right as I was about to pull the trigger I found a used ARID. Its definitely a sexy beast but you can get the same results with just about any setup as confirmed by BRS... they are in the midst of a comprehensive test using chaetomorpha solely for nutrient export. Great watch...It confirmed what many of us have known for years but I appreciate the scientific methodical approach to validate the results. +1
  4. So I put the reactor online last night. Nitrates are currently at 2-3 (didnt get a chance to test phosphates but ill do that later today) I plan to take pics every few days to keep track of growth and nutrient levels. Reactor is currently on a 12 hour light cycle and low flow (40 gph) Day 1
  5. Looking good Shaun
  6. Maria!!!!!!!!Hows everything?!?!
  7. oh bummer. well you could cut also cut a piece of the same filter material to fit in your return area to see if it makes a difference.
  8. You should leave them open overnight if possible ben.
  9. Prepare for it to go up.....I used to have the same issue on my old tank and I ended up buying a CO2 scrubber. But opening the windows definitely confirmed it for me. It only took a few hours. Here what I was getting before the scrubber and after adding it:
  10. Looks great so far! Love that you went with halides.
  11. bump for an awesome light at an incredible price
  12. Have you looked into adding the bubble stopper? Thanks man!
  13. Thanks. I do have enough room in the middle chamber for the return Im just hoping theres no issues with microbubbles. Priming it was pretty easy you just have to fill it with water and put your finger over the airline tubing and it will prime the pump. How's yours' performing thus far? I was planning to pick up some frags this weekend but my buddy was out of town so ill have to pick them up this friday. I am almost done setting up my QT...should be done tonight. I plan to pick up a few fish either tomorrow or tuesday
  14. I give them alot of credit for not only a providing a sustainable source of rock but putting the extra effort to make it appealing to both newcomers and advanced reefers. I will say its definitely worth the effort to find a LFS that carries it or something similar if possible. As Its likely you wont get all the pieces you are looking for in a blind shipment (especially if you are particular about aquascaping) I personally went through about 5 different boxes to get the pieces I thought I word work best in this tank. Been moving a bit slow lately but I bought some upgrades...First was the skimmer and secondly the calcium reactor. I upgraded the skimmer because I thought it was a bit underpowered for the task at hand so I found a used aquamaxx HOB-1. It was pretty filthy but after an hour of deep cleaning I think I restored it to its former glory. I also decided to upgrade the calcium reactor because it media chamber didnt hold enough. Glad I was able to find a never used reactor for a fraction of the price.