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  1. Looks like a yellow toadstool..nice hitchhiker
  2. Yea I would never add another damsel to any of my never works out well. Not to mention they are are always so hard to catch.
  3. Looking good man....Love how the damsel keeps challenging the clowns....theyre such jerks
  4. Thanks man...trying to keep up with you Thanks alot CO its very much appreciated. Im really looking forward to seeing how it looks as a mini colony!
  5. Looks like the anemone shrimp has a new home..
  6. That looks wicked....definitely the most unique color scheme ive ever seen.
  7. you have to let it break in. Just continue to dump the excess that collects in the cup until it stabilizes.
  8. Great shot
  9. No worries.Man that would be cool...If only I had the time. How high do you run your alk?
  10. Wow looks awesome really love the scape....Im sure your frags will recover in no time at all. What are you using for nutrient export?
  11. And my personal favorite...some type of rainbow millepora. Its a mix of green red and blue...look forward to see how it looks when it matures.
  12. Wow looks great Chris!!! Really proud of how you stuck in there after the original crash and now everything is better than about resiliency!Definitely serves as inspiration to the reefing community to hang in there when you experience challenges. BTW How much are you doing daily to keep up with alk consumption?
  13. Couple of other shots
  14. So Ive added a handful of frags over the last month or so. Growth has been pretty good and some of the frags that were brown are beginning to color up nicely...
  15. Looks great!Love the refugium