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  1. i'd settle for free shipping!!! =)
  2. Hi Fishmademepoor, sorry i don't ship. and i'm sold out for now. mods, please close thread? (is that how it works?) thanks, jason
  3. oh yeah, Pembroke Pines, FLorida. =) the utter chaos are sold out for now, all i have left is the one frag of cornbred tubbs blues. thanks, J.
  4. Hi all, have 2 frags of utter chaos and 1 of cornbred tubbs blues for sale or trade. $5 per polyp or obo. trade for anything cool, i would be interested in other cool zoas, or sps. thanks, jason
  5. Did they come in yet? Also, assuming you work at a distributor, do they ever allow the public to come in to shop? =) Thanks, J.
  6. I travel to Kendall fairly frequently. My 4 sexies could use more company. Pm sent =)
  7. old thread but very informative! =)
  8. thats a great price for the sexys, i have 4 in my ten gallon w/ a clown shrimp, a bicolor blenny, and a pistol shrimp/goby combo, cool little guys...
  9. Good taste in zoas! Night fury is my current "if i were rich and didn't give a damn about money" dream zoa. i've got a 2 polyp frag of rastas, you got anything for trade? =) i'm in pembroke pines, so probably pretty close to you.
  10. sending you a pm, thanks, J
  11. got 5 sexy shrimp
  12. I don't really care too much about exotic zoas, i like what i like...anyhow, i bought these and got the id's all mixed up...if anyone is expert in zoas, care to identify? Would be appreciated...
  13. what is this thing????
  14. Not the greatest piture, but i figured i'd post it as i've never had an anemone split from one into three "babies". Not sure if one will survive, it looks pretty unhealthy. Does this happen alot, or is this some super rare occurrence?
  15. "In case anyone was unclear as to whether Reef Goddess is a man or a woman. ;p" It should say In case anyone was unclear as to whether Reef Goddess is a goddess or not! Yowza!! Hotness!! =)