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  1. Console Table Recos?

    12g long Curious if anyone can recommend something that worked well for them. My main concern is that I'll need something with closing doors underneath the top surface-- the setup won't be AIO, so I'll want to be able to hide the sump & plumbing. The vast majority of what I'm seeing online so far are open underneath which isn't going to work.
  2. markalot

    dat birds nest...wow
  3. Coral info

    If you haven't already, I would highly recommend watching some or the bulk of this YouTube video series: 52 Weeks of Reefing The coral ones are #35-38, but if this is your first reef tank I think there's value in starting from the beginning as they tend to build on each other and make sense chronologically. Once you're ready to purchase, there are some websites like this one that have corals grouped into a few categories-- the beginner section would definitely be up your alley. You can also sort and filter by difficulty, lighting requirements, reef compatability, etc. The skinny is that you'll probably want to start with soft corals which tend to be hardy, among the most forgiving, have generally less lighting/ flow requirements, generally 100% photosynthetic and don't need supplemental food...you get the point. LPS can be a little more difficult, and finally SPS which most would recommend for experienced reefers with parameter-stable, and preferably well-established systems. There are always exceptions of course but overall those are kinda the three main groups the hobby uses to categorize corals. Good luck! Take it slow, research everything that goes into the tank (before you buy), and ask for help!
  4. IM 10G From Singapore - 3 Month Anniversary

    With regards to your heating & cooling, it's great that your environment is warm enough that you don't necessarily need a heater-- but maybe just keep in mind that temperature stability in the long run is going to play a role in the overall health of your tank and growth of your coral. The water temp always being warm enough but constantly fluctuating is less than ideal. It will also help ensure that any parameters for which you are testing that are dependent upon water temperature are consistent from test to test. I'm not suggesting your tank is temperature-unstable by bringing this up; just throwing it out there. If you haven't done some testing on this topic already, that would be one easy way to determine a swing-range you're personally comfortable with in terms of tolerances.
  5. ^^^This tank is off the dang charts.
  6. Update May 2017

    This tank is bananas. Very inspiring...
  7. Hey Mikey, Was curious for your feedback on how the canister filter worked out when you were using it, and whether you'd recommend it. [if I'm reading correctly you're not using the canister any more due to failure?]. I love how clean that look is when you have only two glass pipes in the display-- with an in-line heater and filtration hidden. I also love how simple the system is...fewer moving/ complicated parts, fewer number of things to go potentially wrong. Less to worry about (in terms of pure number of variables, not logistics/ severity when failure strikes). At the same time-- seemingly so many trade-offs. If the canister fails...that's it. Furthermore, no fuge for added nutrient export or pH balance, no hidden ATO system assuming you have nothing else going directly into the display (this doubles for dosing and kalk etc.). Lower total water volume than with a sump, and no space for probes outside of the display...the list goes on. I know those draw-backs are subjective and there are work-arounds, but do you feel that the simplicity was enough of an added benefit to outweigh those trade-offs? ----------- Completely different question but just curious how the mame overflow is working out now that it's been in place for a while? E
  8. 10 gallon tank

  9. Wanting a more natural scape

    Not sure your pic worked there, friend. I would browse through the "members aquariums" forums, or the FTS thread, and take down a few that you might want to emulate, or think are inspiring. Then try to look into how they might have achieved their respective looks by reviewing their respective threads, and/or ask if you're not sure how someone did something. Another thing would be to look at the TOTMs that are close in dimension/ aspect ratio to your tank, and see what they did. Purely personally speaking, I always found Iwagumi 'scapes to be a great combo of natural and pleasing to the eye.
  10. 2G Cube [Casa Del Zoa]

  11. Porsche's 20 G Reef

    If you end up upgrading to the GT4 I am accepting Cayman donations, just throwing it out there!
  12. Help - Stressfully High Nitrites & Nitrates

    Hang in there. It seems like you're doing everything else right-- this too shall pass.
  13. That must be frustrating. For what it's worth, even after the damage, I still think you have a tank a lot of people look up to.
  14. Solid pics my dude. Did you ever figure out what exactly went wrong with the canister?