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  1. jsw

    Nice Point and Shoot

    I have a Canon S90 and a Ricoh GRD III. If you can handle a fixed lens I highly recommend the GRD. The Ricoh GXR is a pretty unique camera too (but it's $$$)... The quality and usability of the high-end Ricoh P&S are second to none IMO. The Sigma DP2 can take some impressive shots if you don't mind a slow camera. Edit: the GRD is awesome in macro mode.
  2. jsw

    Nano-Reef.com 9th Birthday Giveaway

    I want that T5+LED combo...
  3. jsw

    Refrac. calibration

    NY at 90 in early April... Is that normal?
  4. jsw

    Vinegar reef safe?

    A little vinegar in the display isn't going to hurt anything. There are quite a few people who dose vinegar as a carbon source in there tanks a la VSV (Vodka Sugar Vinegar), or even just vinegar alone.
  5. jsw

    PVC glue necessary?

    Oh, and those tight fitting pieces with slip together like butter with the glue. PVC fittings are not meant to be used without it... and do be careful of getting the dry fits stuck together. They can be a b#### to get apart once they're stuck.
  6. jsw

    PVC glue necessary?

    Definitely use the glue. If you want to be able to take it apart plumb in some unions. You may get away with getting a dripless fit without glue, but there is still a chance of salt creep and leaks down the road. I speak from experience. I had a herbie that salt creeped on threaded pvc with teflon tape. Couldn't get it to stop until I went with pipe dope. I realize that threaded is a bit different, but it was still a darn tight fight that leaked.
  7. jsw

    red bugs on my granulosa

    You won't lose all your inverts, but the population will be dramatically reduced. Does your mandarin eat frozen food? After the treatment you can seed with reef pods or something like that to get the population back up faster. I do a 20% or more water change after treatment. The skimmer and carbon will get the rest of the meds out of the water. I had a cleaner shrimp last time I dosed Interceptor. I caught him put him in bag floating in the tank overnight, and reintroduced him after the 20% water change and running the carbon and skimmer for a couple hours. He was fine. Your mileage may vary though... I can't offer any help on the catching the emeralds. No experience there. I'm no expert on this treatment, but I've done it 2 or 3 times on different tanks and never had any real issues or consequences because of it -- just happy acros... and dip all new corals once your display is bug free!
  8. jsw

    red bugs on my granulosa

    Have you considered an in-tank interceptor treatment? I'd definitely do that over anything else... I don't consider it a nuke/chemo option and it will completely rid your tank of red bugs. It will wipe out some of the other crustacean critters in your tank, but it won't get them all. A small price to pay IMO. It's worth it.
  9. jsw

    Best RO/DI

    I have the Typhoon RODI from Air, Water & Ice. I highly recommend it... http://www.airwaterice.com/c=YkSeU6EzggkBE...Nz0/category/1/ Edit: I have mine hooked up to a faucet. It's not the most compact unit though.
  10. jsw

    I hate DD!

    True... I rarely see it in my 45 gallon cube
  11. jsw

    I hate DD!

    I have a tiger goby and think it's an awesome fish. It's actually bigger than some of the other gobies I have... I have ORA sharknose, neon, tiger and red head gobies and their yellow assessor too. They breed some cool little fish.
  12. Would the PAR 38 work as actinic spotlights with all blue? Are the RB LEDs the best option for this? I have one 400w radium bulb over a 24x24x18 cube and want actinics but don't want tubes over the tank. I'd like to use two all blue spotlights. Both for a little light supplementation (would it be noticeable against the 400w radium?) and to also lessen the abruptness of only one halide going on and off.
  13. jsw

    jsw 24x24x18

    I just had problems with it. It was loud because the impeller rubbed on the housing, so I had to sand it down. After that, while I was putting the skimmer back in the sump, I bumped the Sicce pump on the baffle; since neither the pump nor volute is mechanically connected to the skimmer it broke the ceramic impeller shaft when everything shifted. I couldn't get it to skim anything other than wet. It didn't fit in my sump very well. I didn't like how the collection cup was friction fit to the body. The build quality of it is nothing compared to H&S skimmers.
  14. jsw

    jsw 24x24x18

    Wish I could tell you what kind of steel it is. It's 1.5", powder coated and it's heavy. I did a design in sketchup and had a local fabricator build it for me. I don't have the sketchup files anymore though. Nothing fancy about the design though. It's 24x24x36. Adjustment bolts on the bottom. And the light hanger is just a big hunk of steel bent and drilled for a dry mount.
  15. jsw

    jsw 24x24x18

    Here's the work in progress. The cycling of this tank was nasty. Lots of cyano and other funk. Working on coral placement and getting things stable with the dosers. I didn't like the SWC skimmer, so I went back to a bigger H&S.