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  1. beautiful scene. reminds me of a bonsai with nice nebari. definitely has an aged look. i love it.
  2. This is the first coral I put in my tank -- almost a year ago now. It has been fun to watch it melt onto the rock.
  3. FTS

    Thanks for all the nice comments! I've put a lot of hard work into the tank to get it to this point...
  4. FTS

    Yes, out of 35+ corals I've only lost about as many as I can count on one hand. Most were finnicky SPS and those losses were because of my stupid beginner mistakes. I think just about any SPS keeper has had some coral perish...
  5. FTS

    Specs here: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=122054&st=0&p=1516604entry1516604
  6. +1 luvin it!
  7. You've chosen six roommates to live in studio apartment, you've locked them in there, 20% or so of the garbage gets picked up once a week while the rest piles up in the corner, the windows don't open and some of the roomies will grow to be giants who like to run marathons and beat people up for fun -- but they're stuck in the studio. No one is going to be happy living like that. That might make it clear why the comments are so negative? Is that a 10-15 gallon tank? One or two SMALL fish would be good in your tank. I'd keep the royal or the firefish and take everything else back. Those other fish are not suitable for a tank your size, and some, if not all, of them will die just because of the stress of it all. Do some research about fish compatability and nano husbandry. There is a ton to learn about this hobby before you start having success keeping things happy. What lighting do you have over the clam too? I like your feather duster. PM me if you need help...
  8. It's a sponge.
  9. Hahahahahaha HTS
  10. Yes, I love my clowns. That's the female. The male is buried somewhere in the xenia. If it weren't for the clowns the xenia would be gone. It grows really fast and is pretty high maintenace in terms of trimming back. I give away lots of xenia if you're in the Portland, OR area and want some.