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  1. Which One

    a 10 gallon tank with a medium sized fish and an anemone? I wouldnt add anything else....
  2. Help!

    what goes in, must come out.
  3. Cleaner Shrimp introduction behavior

    It is recommended that cleaner shrimp gets more acclimation time than most species, 2-3 hours, although 4 hours may be over kill, 1 hour doesnt seem like its enough since they are very sensitive to changing water quality.

    A. Requires less electricity B. *Silent* C. No need for mods nor upgrade pump D. Better built than AquaC
  5. aluminum cans safe?

    Hes trying to mimic a real reef. There is trash all over our natural reef systems in the world, so why not do it in our tanks

    why do you want to sell it?
  7. Clown in an Eclipse System 3

    If a man did the laundry and the women told him to fix the car, is that sexist?

    tunze, cheaper than aquac, and better.

  10. Upgrading questions, moving tanks

    i wouldnt "mix it" with the new sand, just lay it on top or something.
  11. OK So.... I was banned from my LFS.

    DI's cost more money in the long run due to constantly replacing the resin. Want me to get my calculator out?
  12. I'm so sad whah, whah!

    any of them turning 18 soon? To give them a bigger lesson, if possible, wait until the kid(s) is 18, then they wont be considered minors.
  13. Upgrading questions, moving tanks

    maybe just a cup of old sand to seed the new sand
  14. Clown in an Eclipse System 3

    first a clown in a tank this size, then a frogspawn? What?
  15. [BC29] Tunze 9002 DOC vs. Sapphire skimmer

    contact tunze, there not meant to have any noise (unless your like right next to it literally)