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  1. Biocube cleaning

    Been using a razor blade on my biocube for 7 years now without scratching. I do not use the razor that often, but when I do it is always a new blade and held on a shallow angle against the glass. The only scratches I have are from when I used a mag float and got sand caught under it.
  2. All Inventronics drivers sold.
  3. I am selling a JBJ Titanium Arctica chiller 1/10hp. This chiller is very clean and works awesome. Includes 3/4" fittings and owners manual. Local pick up in West Palm Beach FL area. $300. SOLD>I also have 3 Inventronics 40w 700mA LED drivers for sale. I used them for about 8 months. Changed my setup to a different configuration, so I do not need these anymore. Also have 2 power cords and 2 dimming potentiometers. $60 for all, plus shipping from 33404<SOLD And lastly, a 36" Coralife Aqualight Pro HQI. 1x150W HQI MH Lamp + 2x65W PC + 2x1W Lunar LED Includes mounting legs, ballast, owners manual and bulbs (Ushio 14k, 2 actinic PC). Local pick up in West Palm Beach FL area on this also. $150.
  4. I am looking for one of those too. If you end up getting the 10 made, I will buy one from you.
  5. Sorry, not parting at this time. But, I will be in Miami on May 1st. if anyone from Miami is interested...
  6. Two months ago my plan was to set it up....but plans changed.
  7. No, purchaced entire setup last summer as you see it. I'll be in Miami tomorrow afternoon...PM sent.
  8. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY, Lake Park, Florida 40 Breeder Tank, Drilled in back-2 overflow drains (herbie), 1 return 20 long sump, 1 glass baffle Return Pump- Tunze Silence 1073.040 PVC Drain plumbing with gate valve, 3/4" return hose Stand
  9. Selling Everything Cheap Asap

    No! I can't let you sell such a sweet setup!!!! PM me your address and I'll send you a USPS small flat rate box. That should get the little guy home.
  10. LEDGroupBuy.com feedback

    Placed an order with LEDGroupBuy.com, was not home for delivery so decided to go pick it up at UPS. The box was beat up real bad, torn open and retaped. Upon opening and inspection at UPS, it was discovered that 2 items were missing (probably fell out of the riped open section). I had them make note of the damage and they told me to contact LEDGroupBuy.com. I sent an e-mail off to Milad (which was very quickly replied to). After e-mailing some pictures of the box, he immediately sent out replacements for the missing items. OUTSTANDING customer service as far as I am concerned. Thanks again Milad!
  11. In the past, I have used a blue damsel to reduce flatworm numbers, then treat with flatworm exit. Follow directions for the flatworm exit EXACTLY.
  12. Salt not dissolving?

    http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...ted+water\ Read posts 4 and 12 by Mr. Fosi. I have successfully used carbonated water several times to re-disolve the precipitate as he suggested.