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  1. yeah, but that costs a few grand more, correct?
  2. so the blackworms wont even last a few minutes? long enough for a starving mandarin to eat some of them... they arent very big fish, so i cant imagine that they would need many.
  3. i have been considering a digital camera for a while now and while i wont use it for aquarium photos(yet...) i want one that i will be able to use when i set up my tank(maybe spring 2004)... What do you guys have to say about the canon digital rebel? I know its a bit pricey, but when i get into a hobby, i always go overboard...
  4. I think that i read somewhere that some of the less picky green mandarins will eat live blackworms which are far more easy to get than some of the other food options for them...
  5. sorry
  6. I have been reading this board and others about both nano's and full sized reef setups. I have finally decided to start a nano though mostly because of money. And while I know that larger tanks are better/more stable, it just isn't going to happen until I find a new source of income.(did I mention I'm 16) Anyway, I have some ideas for a setup that I mostly got from this site, but tell me what you think of it. I also plan on doing most of this little project DIY so I'm probably going to need lots of help/constructive criticism. I would like to set up a 10 gallon with a 10 or 15 gallaon sump. Here is my idea as of now for a sump /refugium...