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  1. Hi! That is some serious flow going on! perfect scape, tank is gonna look awesome in a few months. looking sweet so far.
  2. Moving in a month so kinda stressed about that but get set up a new tank , your tank looks great!
  3. Hey! Congrats on the babeh! she is a cutie pie. I like those jawbreakers
  4. Heyyy u still live close by? I am moving and have a XL 9 year old devils hand leather and an XL gorgonian you can have...just come get em’...text me or shoot me an PM Tank looks great 😊
  5. I always lurk but yeah! Closing on a house in April and will be setting up a 45g when I move...downsizing from my 75g
  6. Looks fantastic! I love the colors.
  7. Dude! that Chromis is huge or is it my eyeballs messed up We need an update! I have been following you build
  8. Hey guy thanks! Yes that hat is a Sunburst monti :) thanks Dave! Hey! Yeah I have plenty of frags...hope you are well my friend :)
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