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  1. Thanks Christopher! I do love that lepto, got it from a friend :)
  2. Thanks so much Dave! Yasss it is More pix! Spitfires and rastas top down Spitfires and rastas Space Invader Pectinia...so hard to capture the yellow center on my phone camera Tyree Grape idaho, Sour Apple, and red monti Green Octospwn Green SPS...I have no idea what it is Thanks for looking!
  3. got2envy

    Jbm's 20 Long upgrade adventure

    Looks great! I still like black sand too 🙂
  4. Yes! I def have gotten picky after working at an LFS and reefing for this long about what goes in my tank Hey JBM!! I am gonna check out your thread
  5. More pix Gatorades Unknown palys Starburst monti Speckled Krakatoas Jellybean Chalice Jack o lantern Lepto Miami Hurrican Chalice My Trio of Bubbles Thanks for looking! -Maria
  6. got2envy

    Kat's METROpolitan: Retired May 2018

    Wat! No tank Hope the move goes well! So the Han Solo movie is coming....
  7. Hey! You remember my macro tank...I have had a few and I have one now. It's not much just some flame algae, Caulerpa Prolifera and Red Titan. Thanks for stopping in! I will post more pic later after I have my coffee
  8. got2envy

    The Zoa and Paly Club

    Second ones are Pandoras aka Pink and golds
  9. Hi Christopher! Thanks for stopping in I am glad to be back! I started with 15g water changes once a week for a month when getting the tank back up to par, I then dropped to 10g water changes every 2 weeks. I use Reef Crystals but will most likely switch to Red Sea Pro now that my tank has more corals. I dose Brightwell Aquatics Kalk +2 in my ATO. and I dose Seachem Reef Plus and Reef Trace in rotation every other day. I used Vibrant which took care of the Green Bubble Algae within a month. I do want more Gorgs! They add so much to a reef.
  10. Awww thanks so much! I do miss looking at every ones tanks and lurk every now and then So much has changed on this forum! I am so lost LOL Some more pix...i think I am getting the hang of it. Photobucket is ca ca do do now. Pink Cynarina Sunny D's Taiwan Yuma Hallucination Palys Thanks for stopping in!
  11. Thanks!
  12. HI again! So I took a 2 year break from the hobby. What I mean about break is I really backed away from all types of forums, frag swaps, meetings, FB groups... I needed a break LOL but I am back! I have been slowly restocking my tank. This 75g has been running since 2/2015. When I took my break I sold most all of the corals and kept the fish. My negligence of the tank caused some crazy algae growth...I battled green bubble algae (VIBRANT works) also Dinos at one point. I always had a pest anemone problem Majano and Aiptasia. Since the tank was empty of most coral I got a Tassled filefish. Let me just say this little fish took care of all Majanos and Aiptasia in just a few weeks. FINALLY I could start restocking my tank! Well one of the first things I did was nab a pair of Gen 2 Radions from a friend at a good price. What a difference! Still love my Kessils but man these Radions The next thing I did was redo my sand bed. I used Tropic Eden reef flakes this time. Anyways...it has been a bit of work getting this tank back up to speed and it is finally looking healthy again It is a work in progress Tank Specs:75g Marineland RR2x Radion XR30 Gen 2Reefbrite Tech Blue LED stripGyre 130Sicce 4.0 Return pumpJaeger 200w HeaterSmart ATO Reef Octopus 110 int SkimmerInhabitants:Yellow TangPair of True PercsMelenarus WrasseTalbots Damsel Royal Gramma XL Pajama CardinalFlame AngelBlue and Yellow Pipefish Here are a few pix of some of my corals. Not sure how this new photo system works. Heartbreaker Lobo Sunkist Bounce Uranium Bounce Green Goblin Anacropora and Superman Shrooms WWC Bounce Aussie Orange Torch Coral FTS
  13. got2envy

    🔥🔥🔥 Lawnman's Lounge 🔥🔥🔥

    But I need the top of my vagina....
  14. got2envy

    🔥🔥🔥 Lawnman's Lounge 🔥🔥🔥

    Good Morning lawn peeps! Red Sea Salt or Pro or regular. I used red sea pro for a while. Fritz...I keep hearing Fritz has problems and you have to dose. So I went with D-D salt.