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  1. Sent some help money, I am really sorry to hear this. Such a hard working guy for his family. Please send help if you can.
  2. Merry Christmas Weets!
  3. Just what I need...another tank!! :lol:
  4. Yay!! Thanks guys!!
  5. Thank you so much Penny!! Dat Pez dispenser and choc alligator!! <3 Awesome wrapping too
  6. That's not how this works...that is not how any of this works. LoL
  7. My Secret Santa package was just ordered...should be on the way soon
  8. Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!
  9. My wish list is as follows: Macroalgaes Frag plugs Coral glue Small Vertex glass cleaner Rods Algae sheets Seachems Reef Plus Seachems Reef Trace candy Thanks!
  10. Hi Gena! tank looks awesome! Hope you and the fam are doing well what are your Prime settings? do tell...
  11. Ok cool Even tho I don't post much I look forward to the Secret Santa here. shush you dammit i wanna see purdy pix in tank threads and stupidz photobucket is doing maintenance