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  1. Very nice tank. What media are you running in the canister filter?
  2. Any update on this tank?
  3. Glad to see the 40B thread revived. BTW, your photos make your "young tank" look like its 1976 and you're using a Polaroid. 😂
  4. Quick update: Tank is still running, but has had some setbacks. First I lost the sps frags. They started bleaching on the shaded sides then slowly all bleached. I think I blame the A80. In general, I just haven't seen much growth under this light. I mean back when I was running t5's, it seemed like zoa were adding polyps regularly, but under this light there has been very little growth. I'm actually contemplating going back to t5ho's (this will involve moving to a 24 inch wide tank). Next, a lot of the zoa would not open, and the Acans were not as big and fluffy either. The only thing that seemed healthy were the euphylia. Water was fine (tank is fishless). I checked my temperature and realized it was up at almost 88 degrees. The Hydor heater is fine - this was human error, I adjusted the temp during maintenance and somehow set it way too high; the weak link in the chain strikes again (beer may have been involved - I have no other explanation - so stupid).
  5. Try the Aquariumcam app. I had the same problem with my Kessil and the app lets you adjust the colors pretty close to what your eyes see.
  6. Looks like a nice tank and stand. Did it come as a package? I’ve seen their smaller tanks and they seem like quality setups.
  7. One of my local shops had this tank in stock. It was very hard not pulling the trigger, especially with immediate gratification included in the price. Looking forward to to what you do with it.
  8. Hi, which website are you referring to? Aquarium depot has reasonably priced frags with frequent sales, but their selection is limited. Aquasd has a great selection, but no free shipping till you hit the $500.00 mark if I remember right.
  9. T NIce shots. Those top downs make it look huge and all the negative space in your tank gives it such a natural look The footprint of these tanks gives you so much room to work with. I have the Deep Blue 80 as my freshwater setup - love that tank (same footprint as your 60).
  10. This is looking really great. What is the fish in the 2nd pic from the top, blue with yellow spots?
  11. This is a great looking tank and I like the aquascape, you have tons of room for coral placement. 20x20x20 is not a common size, very cool Following along. Nicely put.
  12. Going fancy shmancy huh? Can't wait for unboxing photos😋
  13. Nice well thought out tank. I like you plan and your rock work. How are you liking that IM stand (its about time they came out with one for the 10)?
  14. I really like the Kessil shimmer too, but lately, at times, I feel like it's a little bit too much of a good thing that constant motion, if you know what I mean.
  15. That looks great. How is the intensity when compared with a mini tide, is it the mini tide at100%, fixed at 14K? Also, will you offer it at 18K or 20K?
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