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  1. Well these things are running All over my tank. Everything is getting overRun by them. I tried boiling got lime juice and it didn't work. I tried plucking them out but there is way to many. Any ideas? Joes juice maybe? Thanx Joe
  2. how to rid tank of stick polyps

    Well they are actually wrapping around my zoas. I think it would take too much glue and possibly the loss of some zoas. Also, I don't think I could remove the rocks to do it manually.
  3. Its been a while since I posted, but I know someone has gone through the dreaded stick polyps! They are everywhere! I need to kill them! Help please. Thanx Joe
  4. If so, what's your personal experience with them. I notice they are pretty reasonably priced. Are they dependable? Does the kit come with everything? Thanx.
  5. Repair rate of Monti Cap?

    Well the tissue has fallen off, so probably a goner. I have the monti 3 inches from surface with 36 watt pc. The light has visually been enough. The monti started as a 1 inch piece and now is 5 inch in dia.
  6. Repair rate of Monti Cap?

    Thanx everyone. I'm sure it will heal nicely. Calcium is 500 and alk is 9.
  7. Pepermints eating sps?

    I had a pep eat a candy cane, till I ate it!
  8. MY 8g Biocube! :)

    Can you elaborate on the culturing pod tube? How was it made? In tank? Out? Interested in blowing up my pod population. Thanks Joe.
  9. Repair rate of Monti Cap?

    I have a 5 in Monti and a chip was takin out after some aquascaping. Its minute, about 3mm chip, givin ideal conditions is the repair rate on these guys slow, quick? Also, will the chemicals released from the broken area have ill effects on other corals? Its a 5 gallon mixed reef, high flow, carbon and protein skimmer. Thanks Joe. Oh yeah, I actually glued the small chip to a small rock to see if it might grow, but the fleshy orange layer has come off. Will the left over skeleton grow, or is that a lost cause? Thanks again.
  10. I have the purple and green, would love to get my hands on some red and green. Thanx. Happy reefing, Joe
  11. How to scrape bow front and curved class

    I use a green scrub pad used to wash pots and pans for hard to reach spots. I cut it down to a 1inx 1in square. Then use the end of a toothbrush as a handle.
  12. pump recommendations

    Ill be getting the ato deluxe soon and wondering what pump works well. The ato will be set up on a 5 gal. Thanx
  13. I agree with both sides of this argument. Seethemtails and izzue. As stated from Anthony calfos book on coral propagation; bulbs that are old and lose their intensity can't be blamed for nuisance algae growth alone, also in the equation must be added , nutrients from overfeeding, poor husbandry, poor performing protein skimmers or lack there of, lack of activated carbon, inadequate water changes and poor water movement. The op did say they lacked regular water change schedule-this could be the start of the algae and add to that the less intense light to feed it. Miston, please change all the bulbs and have maybe a 9 mth change out system. Get on a weekly water change schedule and determine if you have adequate flow. The corals are more in danger from less intense light. Hth. Not trying to pick a fight just stating facts. Happy reefing Joe
  14. Does your wife not know completely? Cause if she doesn't, tell her. My wife got upset when all of a sudden there was a tank in the living room. She felt left out of the total equation. Now its hard to even get her to look at the tank. She coming around slowly though. No idea on the chiller.