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  1. I am having a hard time making my mind up.

    if you haven't already picked up a tank i'd look for a good deal on a used one. jbj nano cube, oceanic biocube, or current aquapods can be found for a good price. you can also make them rimless if you want a rimless tank. i just picked up a 29g biocube from craigslist for $160 and cut the top rim off by heating a knife blade and melting through the plastic rim. i also found one of the 120w led lights on there for $120. you could be in a 20 plus gallon aio tank with enough light for any corals you choose for under $300 to start. i plan on running the stock filtering system and adding a mp10 next week. plenty of water changes on a small/nano tank are key to keeping it going great. the mp10 will keep all the debritius from settling and you just take it out with weekly water changes.
  2. Biggest pump in 29 biocube

    i have no idea, but would also like to know. i just picked one up with the stock pump.
  3. Reef Octopus Needlewheel 110 Protein Skimmer

    you can't go wrong with a reef octopus. i've owned several, not the 110, but they all have skimmed great.
  4. Hi new to nano!

    yeah, this is the place for nano or pico tank info. your tank would be considered a pico since it's only 3 or4 gallons. my favorite size tanks are the 20 to 29 gallon sizes, i've had the best luck with them. i just bought a 48"X24"x15.5" acrylic tank that will be my first large shallow tank. welcome to nano-reef and good luck on the pico.
  5. How soon can I put frags in tank?

    your old tank water didn't do much, you need some sort of bacteria like mentioned above. it's good to use the original water frags were in if you change out together to help keep all parameters the same. i would wait until the tank cycled unless you can add some lr and filter media to the filter that already has bacteria on it. you'd be safer to make some sort of holding container for your frags that you can keep in the tank you already have going. you can build a square box out of eggcrate or just get a thin square tupperware bowl and put holes in it. then use your magfloat to hold it to the side of the tank. the only trick would be to placing it where the frags are getting the right amount of light.
  6. Skimmer for JBJ rimless 30g

    i have a reef octopus nano skimmer in a 24g aio. it works great, but i did have to add a small piece of filter floss under the return to keep all micro bubbles out of main tank.
  7. WTB Mantis Shrimp

    i just traded one in to my lfs aquariums wholesale in kansas city. i got him from a local member on saltcity. i thought it would be cool to have one, but after a month i found out the smaller ones are boring to me. they pop up around here from time to time for around $20. have you called all of your lfs?
  8. you mentioned six months in and cheato not growing as fast. i'd replace your fuge light bulbs if you haven't already. i have several tanks running and my nitrate and algae free tank has the fuge light right against the cheato and it grows like mad. on my other tanks with the light farther away i always seem to have a problem with growing macro algae. i plan on increasing the lighting on all of my other fuges. i think light intensity is more important than length of time. cheato and most other macro algae that i have used are just like corals in that usually the more intense lighting the better. as long as your not burning the cheato you can't have to strong of lighting.
  9. reefrooks 60G shallow

    very nice, i just got this 48"x24"x15.5" acrylic tank. my plan right now is to load it with rbta's and gbta's and a pair of clownfish. i'm going to go for a minimal aquascape like yours but i always end up putting to much in. any idea on how much evaporation you have daily?
  10. The FTS Thread!

    24g rimless homemade aio jbj unibody led light
  11. All-In-One Full Tank Shot Thread

    homemade 24g aio rimless. dual rio 800's for return, jbj unibody, and reef octopus nano skimmer.
  12. How old are you?

    i think your the reason they make acrylic tanks. lol just make sure you get the 1", they'll crack but it takes a big bullet.
  13. How old are you?

    i'm 40 and my first saltwater tank was a long time ago. i was in my early 20's and i only had it for about 6 months. i started back into saltwater in 07, but have had freshwater fish since my teens. i now have 4 saltwater tanks running. 150g mixed reef 57g illuminata just live rock so far 24g rimless aio nano 2.5 toms pico son's tank in bedroom 2 small clowns(nemos)
  14. Full Spectrum LED tank pictures

    thanks, this is close to what i was thinking but wanted to be sure. now to figure up how much this is going to cost me.
  15. Full Spectrum LED tank pictures

    i'm planning on building one of these for my 57g illuminata. what do you guys suggest? i'm planning on using the makers heatsink kit, dim 4 and the leds are a ? right now. how long should my heatsink be for a 36" tank? i'm thinking 24" should i just use the 3ups and ocw on this? i also want moonlights, what's the best way to go about this? how many drivers would i need and which ones?