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  1. Hey all, I have a Tunze 9002 skimmer with Stevie T cup for the RSM 34 for sale. Asking $90.00 shipped Skimmer is clean and works great. Airline mod has been done. If you would like pictures please pm me with your email address. Any question's feel free to pm me. Thank you
  2. F/S X-Aqua IN/OUT overflow

    Sold to Dirty. Thank you Jason
  3. F/S X-Aqua IN/OUT overflow

    Pm's answered.. Still available.
  4. For sale I have a used X-Aqua In/Out overflow. I bought it from a member here back in the middle of April. The tank I was going to use it on I traded for some coral. So im not going to need the X-Aqua. Here is the thread where I bought it from: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=300614 Here is his build thread where the pictures show how he cut the overflow and separated the outlet from the inlet. It could be easily glued or epoxied back together. Post # 36 http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=258395 Also he mentions the wave action had diminished. I found that the inlet was just plugged with gunk and debris. I soaked it in vinegar for a couple days and flushed it out and it now looks like new again. Haven't actually tested it but I'm pretty confident the problem is fixed. I don't have any pictures of it. I could take some if needed. It looks just like what you see in the previous seller's build thread. Comes with the drain hose, return hose, and the In/out itself. Stock box, sheet of paper with a template and the glass diamond hole saws also included. Asking $100 shipped which is what I paid. I will consider reasonable offers. Any questions please pm me and I will answer what I can. Thanx, Jason
  5. KissMyDSM's Mixed 40B

    Great build. Tank looks awesome. Well done on the super neat plumbing job. Sump is sweet looking and I love the light tree!! Jason
  6. B-Dare's 70 Mixed Reef

    Wow!! Great looking tank. Good mix of corals and colors. I like the mix of fish also. Look forward to more pictures and maybe a video?! Jason
  7. Return pump still available. Elos E power now sold. Ballast still pending.
  8. Tunze return pump still available.
  9. Hey all, Cleaning out some stuff that is just sitting gathering dust. 1: Elos E-Power 150 watt MH pendant. Has 2-3 month old Phoenix 14K bulb. Used 8 Hr's. a day. Fixture looks like new. Asking $235 shipped http://www.marinedepot.com/Elos_E_Power_Aq...IMHPDDE-vi.html 2:Lumatek 400W 120/240V Dimmable / Multi-Wattage (250W, 400W) Ballast Less than 2 months use on it. Looks and works like new. Asking $110 shipped http://www.marinedepot.com/Lumatek_400W_12...CBAMHFH-vi.html 3: Tunze 9005 skimmer with sump kit. Skimmer looks and works like new. Asking $125 shipped 4: Tunze Recirculation Pump/Powerhead Silence 1073.040. 792 gph. Pump looks and works like new. I used it externally for about 2-3 months. I do not have the piece for flow adjustment when using the pump internally. Asking $105 shipped http://www.marinedepot.com/Tunze_Recircula...-FIPHFF-vi.html For actual pictures of the items please pm me your email address. Any questions please pm or email me. All items are O.B.R.O. (please no lowballing or insulting offers. Items are in great shape) I accept paypal. Items are located in the White Mountains area of NH for local p/u Thank you Jason
  10. CeramEco's Vida Rock rocks!

    Online vendor is www.aqua-tecture.com Jason
  11. Sold. Thank you. Jason
  12. Midnightsun's SS build

    Thank you for the reply and explanation. Great job with the planning on the entire set up. I was wondering exactly how the timer was going to work and now it all makes sense. Sure does look like you have simplified your water changes to come. Nice job!! Looking forward to more updates and pictures. Jason
  13. Midnightsun's SS build

    Nice work! Could you explain how you have the RO/DI and salt water mixing set up to work? Certainly alot of thought put into this set up. Jason
  14. Midnightsun's SS build

    Wow this looks insane and its not even wet yet! Meticulous job with the fish room set up. Very very nice!! Keep up the great work! Jason
  15. Hey all, Up for sale I have a Tuze 6055 power head withTunze 7091 single wavemaker controller. Both items are in like new condition. 6055 is Approx. 6-7 months old but with much less use than that. Only used it for a month or 2 at most on a nano tank I had set up in the past. Power head has not been modded in anyway. Its in the stock condition. Asking $150 shipped I accept paypal. Any questions feel free to pm or email me. Thanx, Jason