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  1. Lighting is 20" coralife compact flourecent with a 65w10K daylight on one and the whatever atinic on the other. it also has the LED moonlights. Not exactly sure how much rock, probably too much, another reason I can't really buy a big colony, no room. I got about 100 lbs. from the guy on craigslist and just put in as much as would fit and looked ok, the rest went to the LFS and got traded for store credit. other fish include 2 green chromis, 1 allans damsel (very timid species), fire fish, and small coral beauty (I keep an eye on him, no damage so far), emerald crab, hermits, snails, bla bla bla.... and thanks...
  2. few more...I've also added a few more fish and three more shrooms sense these pic where taken...
  3. It's an older 29g display tank that had the wet/dry built in. A friend of mine gave it to me, he had FOWLR. One of the most expensive things you can get is a FREE fish tank Anyway, I removed the bio balls and put LR in the compartments. Kept the crappy little bubble up skimmer, made a few modifications and added small 5g sump with more LR and cheato. Probably pushing around 39g of water total. Live sand from ebay, live rock from C-list. I've slowly added a few fish and corals. I bought small corals in hopes that they will grow (and because I'm cheap ) I've also found that when buying always ask about the broken pieces or single guys that seem to get left behind and they will usually just give them to you. mushrooms, rics, yumas, a torch, few zoas, polypls, nothing really out of the ordinary Oh, I'm also not that good at tank photography, but I wanted to share... thanks for looking, coment away..........
  4. It was fun to watch, after I pulled the bug out the goby just hung around the middle of the tank looking up. And, Yep, thats my car. Another obsession, with four more forums.... It's a '74 six conversion with a modded 911 3.0. It's a little fast for the small tires now...
  5. Yuma with two mouths for a while now...

    Cool, Thanks for info everyone. I'll just let it do it's own thing...
  6. first - sorry for lousy pic.... So this yuma has had two mouths for a little over a month but still shows no sign of actually splitting into two. Anyone know if this is normal? Also any know what this one is?
  7. Yeah, so I get home this afternoon and I'm looking at the tank from across the room and my diamond goby is popping the surface. I see him going up and down a few times so I go over to check it out, and there's a june bug floating on the surface stuck in an eddy current. The goby swims to the surface grabs it pulls it under about an inch or so then lets go. And he just keeps doing it I guess it was just too big to swallow......
  8. the perfect clean up crew

    SOT - Will hermits or turbos eat Zoa's?
  9. Just wondering if the addition of a canister can help in the long run with chem and bio filtration. I ran these regularly in my fresh water discus set ups.
  10. Hello - NR Noobie w/ 3 month 29G

    Thanks for the compliments. I got really lucky with LR. Answered an add on craigslist and got to see it in the guys well established tank before buying, he was downsizing. So I have very little die off and coaline is going strong now.
  11. Been lurking a little while and thought it was time to say Hi Everyone! This is actually my 3rd sw tank, but my first this century so I still feel like a noobie. And wow, have things changed, all for the better of course. My first sw tank was in the 80's in high school, it was a fish only tank with crushed coral & under gravel filter, a few rocks, and fish that I caught in Galveston Bay and local estuaries. Also some little crabs and a few anemones that I picked off the sea wall. Second was in the mid 90's, still crushed coral and under gravel, but with a canister filter, live rock, and store bought animals. This new tank was given to me by a friend and little did I know how much $$ a free tank was going to cost. It is a 29g (including the sump) sea clear with built in WD etc. I built a stand and ran out of steam and just bought a hood, then started surfing for info and asking a co-worker to see what was new, and how people are doing it now. I found some good deals on several products and got started. I got 30 lbs. of live white Caribbean sand from e-bay, and found 100 lbs. of Fiji LR on Craigs list (for a $100), used what I could and traded the rest at the LFS for credit which I used up almost immediately. The tank has been set up for a little over 3 months now and is doing great. I have already made a couple of mistakes (won't embarrass myself here, yet) and have that figured out. And, I know I have too much LR and will have to remove some to make room for frags, corals etc... Anyway here are a few pics, and yes I know they are soft, still figuring this out too.. Here you can see the narrow little world...sorry the flash went off on this one Oh and I have a diamond goby, 2 feather dusters, 4 turbo snails, 2 sand sifter stars and 6 red leg hermits...