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  1. HiImSean

    Sump, Skimmer, Pump, Lights, Etc

    Shipping included? If not how much for the skimmer to 30102?
  2. Its been on autopilot for a few months not. I think there's a total of 4 RFA in the tank now and a green/yellow ricordia. I also have 2 blue legged hermits for algae control. A few of my RFA didn't make it but the others are doing well. I don't do too much with the tank besides fill up the ATO and do a water change every few months. I bought an anemone shrimp that was in there for a month or so but has since vanished. I'll get some pics later this week when I'm back in town.
  3. HiImSean

    Daves/NanoBox Red Sea 170 : New FTS 10/29

    I love Japan! That looks like Nikko in the bridge picture.
  4. I ended up with the two in the bottom left corner, the large one with the green ring and the small green ringed one in the middle of the basket. Also, I got a good pic of the large red on in my 90g. It’s 3-4” in diameter
  5. HiImSean

    Harry’s Reefer 350

    What do you typically fed them?
  6. Lol one of our lfs converted to a total pet store and carry some cool reptiles. Maybe I’ll take her this afternoon.
  7. We’ll the pink RFA isn’t going to make it. The foot looked damaged so I’m not sure if that was the problem. It never really attached in the tank. The remaining two look great though.
  8. Lol I was thinking the same thing. Gotta convince the wife first
  9. The cube about cleaned up.
  10. Awesome! I can't wait for mine to start breeding.
  11. Got some cool free stuff today and yesterday. Yesterday started out a bit stressful, our new dog and foster were up till about 3am barking, I think it was from the storms that rolled through the area. I had a statistics test yesterday also. While I wasn't too worried about it, if I made an A on it I get to exempt the final since I had 100's on my first two tests. Before I left work I saw a local post about a 60g cube setup he was getting rid of just down the street from me. Made the arrangements to get it after class, sweet. I'm planning on using this as a holding tank while I do a reboot on my 90g. While between classes I was hungry so I went to Chic-fil-a and ordered a spicy chicken sandwich. When I bit into it, not spicy. I went back and got the spicy and the regular one. Jack-pot! So this morning at work I was telling and showing my co-worker my cube tank, gonna keep it at the office for a bit till I make room for it at home, and he said a few blocks away from our office he saw a big tank sitting on the side of the road. We rolled over there and found a 75g sitting on the curb. Looked like the people living there were being evicted. It had a single light and HOB. We threw it in a work van and brought it back. Unfortunately its got a few chips in the side of the front pane. I was going to clean it up and sell it but IDK if I'd trust it to hold water. I filled it up and am checking it out though. I did think a bearded dragon could be badass!! What do you guys think about the chip though?
  12. That sounds great on an order!! I might be looking to make an order soon. My school semester is ending in may so after that I'll be looking to put that in. I wonder if we want more than 10 if they'll give more of a discount I did just see the only have a 40 pack listed right now for $299, could be good if we get free shipping with that! Which vendor was Ocean Gem's, the $30 RFA on the middle row of vendors? Unfortunately one of mine was closed up when I purchased it and it's starting to melt away. It was in a basket with some BTA so I'm not sure if they stung it enough to kill it?