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  1. I got the new lights this weekend. I'm going to have to find a cleaner setup for the T5s, right now they're just mounted to a simple wood frame since they were over a frag tank but them with the reefbite are going to put out a ton of light!
  2. Nice pick up! I've got an identical one that is huge too about 6" across
  3. She enjoys the tanks! I’ve got a pico in that room now but I’ve always wanted the drop off tank since they came out. She’s been doing up the nursery with pretty much what ever she wanted so this is my “nursery” lol
  4. LOL Thanks This is in our extra bedroom. The tank isn't setup but I'm pretty sure it's going to get moved across the room before it is setup, I've been super busy with a newborn to "start" the tank yet. I hopefully will have water made up this weekend and test fill the tank, which I was going to do this past weekend but ended up not getting much sleep for about 38 hours.
  5. I ended up going a different lighting route. I found a 4bulb T5 and adding reef bites to it. I really like the look of T5s and LEDs so this tank may end up as a SPS reef now lol
  6. It’s probably getting moved. We’re still moving things around in that room. It’s most likely ending up on a dresser. The Tunze looks huge in the tank, hopefully it’s not too powerful.
  7. Got some new toys for the tank today. I also picked up a nice bubble tipped anemone last weekend. I’m excited for this tank to get rolling. The mightyjet was a bit of a PITA to get in the middle chamber since it gets narrow then opens up again.
  8. What bulb combo are you using in the ATI?
  9. Looking for a duo with bluefin controller.
  10. Why size did you go with? I’m trying to figure out which I should go for in a 20g Panorama.
  11. I got the AquaMaxx 1.0 skimmer and it looks real nice. It’s used but it looks brand new, I’m excited to fire it up! I also ordered lid clips from IM and new RODI filters for making a fresh start with the tank.
  12. I’ve got an AquaMaxx 1.0 on the way. I was hoping to avoid a HOB skimmer but it was a good enough deal.
  13. Here’s some of the zoas from thre ADA I’m going to move over.
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