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  1. No issues, 12" flex arm is new in a sealed bag $165 shipped
  2. So what would your ideal dimensions be? Aquamaxx makes a 9 gallon that is 24x10x10, and a 17 gallon that is 24x12x14
  3. ,Everything has just been taking out and cleaned up quickly, but I can give a vinegar bath at your request $35 each + Shipping: 6 month old Sicce Syncra 1.5 SCA 301 skimmer JBJ ATO with all original pieces and aqualifter pump $45 + shipping: 2x TLF 150 reactors with microjet pump. One reactor needs a new O+ring and standoff screw $70 + shipping: Eshopps nano cube refugium. This pic is from when it was new. I'll get a post cleanup pic soon but it's in great shape
  4. The light works fine, shows a little age but overall good condition. The mount has a little more wear. The set screw on top of rusted over but still works fine, and there's lots of scratches. No box or manual $225 shipped. Will trade for an AI prime HD (black) plus a little cash.
  5. Added some frags. I'm planning on several zoas and some LPS
  6. I'm trying something different and doing only dartfish in this tank. I now have a purple firefish and a zebra dartfish, and I'll add either a blue gudgeon or lined dartfish in the future. Without any other types of fish, they are both out and swimming all the time. The zebra dartfish swims in and out of the rock crevices like a wrasse.
  7. You can use acrylic and silicone it in place. Even though it may not be 100% sealed, it can be sealed enough that it wouldn't effect the operation of the overflow. Use the appropriate acrylic adhesive to bond any acrylic pieces together if it's not just one piece.
  8. If he buries in the sand during the day it's a nassarius snail. If he's always on the rock/glass it's likely a whelk
  9. Here's my equipment space. I put the sump in at a slight angle because it would have been impossible to see the water level in the return chamber, which is in the back corner of the sump. Seems like an odd design choice but other than that, I really like it. There's just enough clearance to get the skimmer in and out, and space underneath for a 2.5 gallon ATO tank.
  10. Hey all, I've been tankless since moving about 2 years ago. I'm back in the game with an 18" cube. I'll spare the details about setting up and plumbing, and jump right into to my cycling tank Equipment: AI Prime HD SCA 301 skimmer Jebao controllable wavemaker Sicce Syncra 1.5 return Eshopps Nano Cube sump Homemade overflow setup with Herbie drain
  11. An inverted elbow will work in theory, but you miss out on the surface skimming that is a huge benefit of an overflow box. A mag 12 will be way too much for a 40 breeder, and probably more than your drain could handle. A mag 5 or 7 would be more in the right neighborhood.