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  1. tcobos

    I’m about to give up on my tank

    slow down it takes time.. its worth hanging in there!
  2. tcobos

    17 gal Kitchen Counter Reef

    Very nice and clean!
  3. Hello Good People! Well, after years of being depressed, I decided to go back to the hobby I love! I will be posting all the old and new technology collected over the years.. Hope you are all doing well!
  4. tcobos

    FTS Front

  5. tcobos

    Mirror image

    nice! What kind of light??
  6. tcobos


    I like it! funny! I was just looking at purchasing the media basket for my jbj RL 20...
  7. tcobos

    Good Night

  8. Greetings Peeps- SOLD I decided to go with the Hydra 26 instead of the Kessil AWE160 Tuna Blue... I bought the Kessil with all the intentions of using it- but then I saw the Hydra at reefapooloza and I was hooked... no pun intended.. I purchase the Spectral Controller at the same time... I never used it, its been sitting since I purchased.. I would be willing to part with it for $275.00.. I just checked marinedepot (where it was purchased).. As of today brand new: Kessil A160WE - $239.00 Spectral Controller - $99.00 total $338.00 Pm me if interested - must have PayPal- not interested in trading... I'm in Southern California zip is 91766 so you can calculate shipping charges...
  9. tcobos


  10. tcobos

    Nano Box Duo Review

    hello! I know this is a late post- but i was curious... How much does the light cost??
  11. tcobos

    Please delete Sold

    hello! how used? does it run fairly well??
  12. tcobos

    JBJ 20gallon frag tank for sale

    do you still have the tank?
  13. tcobos

    WTB: Vega/Hydra Internals

    i have a brand new hydra for sale..?
  14. Hello - F/S Brand New AI Hydra- This light for my reef didnt go as planned - way to much light for a pico... Willing to take $280 if local to the Southern California Area.. If I have to ship $320..