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  1. Want to buy: MAME Overflow

    i got a used one if ya want it. lmk asap
  2. FREE MINI TIDE : July 4th Give Away!

    i need moar wet water.
  3. bump! no one wants this? such a low price!?!!
  4. last bump ! I move on tuesday!
  5. PRICE DROP! take it ALL ! 200 SHIPPED! wont get a better deal than this boys and girls!
  6. obo! its 220 shipped for ALL of it.
  7. Take the rest of my fish tank supplies Comes with a mame over flow and cleaning kit. ( will likely need new connector tubes) but comes with the cleaning kit. (200) tunze 1073.20 pump (89) Tunze Osmolator nano (106.99) RKL temp probe. ??? an acrylic buffing kit ( brand new ) was (50) bucks when i bought from MD.com Some Dry Reef rock. Colors up nicely. (35) And probably a few other things ive built up over the years.( ??) 220 Takes it ALL SHIPPED! I PRICE DROP 200!!!! SHIPPED! please take the last of this as I am moving to Hawaii and cannot take it with me. also have two fluval edge tanks available for pick up in santa barbara. (not willing to ship these. ) A small sump from pico aquariums 100 bucks takes it ALL for the tanks 40 gallon breeder glass lid Fluval Co2 kit used. Some dry drift wood.
  8. Light SoldPF mame and rocks remain
  9. i lowered the price didnt realize the tide was that much cheaper. ;p but keep in mind it includes this https://aquarium-led-controller.com/product/bluefish-led-controller/ edit: just realized dave now includes the bluefish with his tides. NOW... =/ so price drop on it all 100. 200 for the nanobox 100 for the mame 250 for all of it. and if you take all of it. just the priority mail box(rate) for the rock. if you want it.
  10. if no one wants it im gonna kill it with fire.
  11. any1 want a medusa worm for a pest dedicated tank? its close to a 12" when extended or possibly longer. thing is HUGE. black and shimmery. looks just like this one but black and more shimmery. (eucnid worm) http://s98.photobucket.com/user/bbernesi/media/worm0.jpg.html
  12. Mame overflow with all the knickknacks. - 100 shipped. lightly used in decent condition Nanobox Tide with bluefish. ( has the green leds) asking 300 SPF lots of dry rock. or take it all for 350 shipped.
  13. i gotta catch a flight this friday. fire sale! no one's paid yet. so all of it 120 shipped!
  14. pending to tinnie and lawnman. Gooseneck & light remain give me a best offer for both! ( will not separate them )