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  1. nice
  2. more softies! go!
  3. mine ate xenia. and lived off of that. weird i know.
  4. you always have nice stuff =)
  5. but the brown looks like diychota.... so careful
  6. nope / flame algae. same kind that john sells but that brown stuff ont he bottom id take a closer look if its sargassum its good if its diyochta.... depends. on if you want it.
  7. Bleached
  8. FTS

    very clean. i approve.
  9. these get huge! where ya gonna put em? =)
  10. best pizza nem ive seen in a long time. no. ever. (unless you like those blue/red ones)
  11. nice
  12. looks similiar to staghorn hermits... but w/o the right shell