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  1. Koralia 1 in a 12g

    Yes they are and they are great to work with. Here is there web site. http://www.marinedepot.com/
  2. Koralia 1 in a 12g

    Marine Depot told me today they expect to have the Koralia nano by the end of September. I'm also trying to decide should I get the K1 or wait for the nano for my Bio 14.
  3. Pictures of my Bio 14

    The green zoas are some of my favorites. They came from my larger tank which had two rocks full off them. When one of the CUC knocked one of the rocks out of it's place, I decided to try them in the Biocube. When I got them it was just a few on a small rock. I checked out your tank it it looks great. I just keep looking at the tank and move things as I see something differant to try. Sometimes it works and other times it can be a disaster like when I had a whole side cave in on me. One thing I look for are corals with colors that pop under the lights even when it's just the blue lights at night. They don't have to be the fancy ones as long as they have the bright colors to catch the attention of your eye. I check Ebay daily and a number of them have come from there. I have also moved some from my 5 year old tank however sometimes they go back as I don't like them in the smaller tank. As for cleaning the glass, my magnet is thinner than yours and when I placed the rock I made sure it would slid around on the sides. Sometimes I get some rock movement which requires a small push to reset it.
  4. Pictures of my Bio 14

    Hope this helps. http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQfgtpZ1QQfrppZ2...Q3aMEFSQ3aMESOI
  5. Pictures of my Bio 14

    I looked up what the coral is and it's a Yellow Sea Whip Gorgonia. I purchased it on Ebay. The seller was old.diver and he sells them from time to time. It cost me $16.00 plus shipping which was about $25.00. I also purchased some other items such as the tall one on the left side which made the shipping cheaper. Even though it says yellow it's more like a tan color but it flows in the currents really nice. At night when the lights are off it looks like a twig......
  6. Pictures of my Bio 14

    Thanks to all. Now that I know how to post the pictures I will add more.
  7. Pictures of my Bio 14

    It is a Bio 14 which was started 12-06. I also have a 50 gallon tank that is over 5 years old now and I have been doing this for about 13 years. My first tank was a gift from my wife and it was a 15 gallon before they had the all in one tanks which got me hooked. When I retired and moved to our ranch it was time to go larger the 50 gallon. Then I decided to try the all in one tank. Some corals have come from my 50 but most are Ebay purchases. The tank was set up to have some seahoreses which we will still consider once everythig is in line. All my tanks run with the Reefkeeper 2 systems and have chillers to keep the temps in line due to our area. The Bio14 has the HQI upgrade from Nanotuners. I also have upgraded the pump to a MJ 900. Bioballs have been removed and I run chemi-pur and phosguard removers in chamber 2. I do plan to add more water movement.
  8. Pictures of my Bio 14

    Think I got it......
  9. Pictures of my Bio 14

    Thought it was time to post some pictures of my tank. Thanks
  10. Buying a chiller, need advice ASAP!

    I have the Bio 14 and run the 1/20 JBJ chiller and it sits out in the main room with noise not being problem. For the pump I use a Mag 5 and run it external. The size of this pump allows for the distance from the chiller to the tank. I cut two openings in the lid to run the hoses into chamber 3
  11. Arctica Nano hooked up to a BC14

    Hi bubbles, I don't have any pics at this time however I can tell you what I did. I purchased a Mag 5 pump from Drs Foster & Smith which is the one they recommened. The chiller also came from them. The Mag 5 uses 1/2 inch tubing so it fit the chillers requirement. In the lid of the tank I cut two openings by chamber 3 and ran the in & out into the same chamber that way the water level stayed constant. From the tank I ran the hose to the pump which sits on the floor behind the tank stand and I have a bath towel underneath it to help with any vibration noise or sometimes a little salt creep. Then from the pump to the chiller which sits on the lowest self of the A/V stand. Finally from the chiller back to the tank and I have a ball valve in this section in case I needed to control the flow. I have the valve open all the way because I'm running about 6 ft from the chiller to the tank which cuts the flow. The only thing I might have done different is to run the lines to chamber one because some times I have had to deal with fine bubbles but I have always been able to get rid of them by keeping the water level up. It has worked fine for me and is very quiet. As I mentioned, I also have the Reefkeeper 2 which is controlling the cooling and heating and it work with each other. Right now I keep my tank at 78 to 78.5 exact with lights on or off. If I wanted, It could even keep it at exactly 78 or what ever temp I wanted. Not cheap but it's a nice system. Here is there site. http://www.digitalaquatics.com/index.html Hope this helps.
  12. drilling bc 29

    On my Bio 14 I cut openings on the back part of the hood to run my chiller hoses. Don't drill holes to run the hoses through other wise you won't be able to open the hood. Cut them like the other openings so when you lift the hood the hoses rest on the back lip of the tank. Worked for me..
  13. Arctica Nano hooked up to a BC14

    I also have the same chiller and MH lighting setup in my Bio 14 and it works great and is quiet. The chiller sits on the bottom shelf of the A/V system in our living area. I use a external pump for running the chiller. I also have the Reefkeeper 2 system for controlling the pumps, lights, heating and chiller.
  14. There is a unit that does both. I have it on my 50 gallon however the heater side had problems and after having it fixed once and it went out a second time, I just dropped a heater in the sump and let my Reefkeeper 2 control system run my tank. On my 14 gallon Biocube, I went with just a chiller plus I have the Reefkeeper 2 running the whole system (Lights, Pumps, Heater and Chiller). It's not cheap but it's like having your computer run your tank. Hope this helps...
  15. Should I do this mod? MJ900 BC 14

    You might also set up a routine of using some Clemiclean to help with the cyno problem. Works for me....