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  1. All pms replied to. If I missed you let me know.
  2. Pico Tank and Setup @ Walmart.com

    Ordered one . Although it will probably turn into a low tech FW planted for work....
  3. I have a Current USA 24"Sundial T5 High Output Lighting 4X24 fixture for sale. 2 Blue+ 1 Blue special 1 Fiji purple Everything works except for the right side led moonlight. What is included: Fixture Bulbs that are currently in it 1 x GE bulb that is unused The good: All the bulbs fire up quickly with great color. Timers work fantastically, set and forget. Switches work. Dust not included One brand new GE bulb that has never been used will be included! The bad: Only 1 LED works There is a ding on one of reflectors, it's not bad and doesn't affect light output, but full disclosure (I'll try to get a picture of it) I can't find the clear timer covers, but I've never needed them and the timers are in the back so you may not need them I can't find the legs, but I'll keep looking The eh: I added 4 hanging mounts that can be removed. Bulbs are three months old Pics:
  4. No growth

    I am using a skimmer. I'll shutting it down as well and see how that goes.
  5. No growth

    Yeah, I hear you not wanting to think it's the light, but I'm doing the water changes and I'm still not convinced. Oh well, only time will tell.
  6. No growth

    Thanks guys. I'll work on the phosphate issue, that means more water changes. I'll try and add some GFO too and see if that helps at all. I was wondering about the light, but none of my polyps are "stretching" to the light. On my old 10g which grew everything like weeds I had a MH. I sold the MH to buy LEDs. When I upgraded to a 20g I switched to T5's which hang about 2-3" above the water. I think I'll switch back to the MH which seemed to work the best.
  7. No growth

    Sorry, forgot to add that. I have changed the bulbs about 2 months ago. Current usa sundial (24" 4 bulb T5).
  8. No growth

    So I had a 20g tank that was doing really well. Tore everything down to build a new stand and set it all back up, but now NOTHING GROWS (except cheato). In fact, everything looks terrible and has looked terrible for months. Lost my BTA but otherwise inverts and fish look fine, pods everywhere, micro bristle stars populating. Last measured this afternoon Salinity 1.025 PH 8.3 Temp 78 with about a 1 degree swing throughout the day that I have seen Calc 470 Alk 12dkh Nitrate <10 Phosphate .3 (a little high, but no matching algae growth) I2 unreadable I'm incredibly confused. I have very little nuisance algae. I have to clean the glass every 2 weeks or so and empty my skimmer once a week. Any ideas?! I'm at a loss of what to try and if I tear down again, it's not coming back up....
  9. (almost) self-sustaining macro tank

    Sounds pretty cool! I like the green banded goby for easy no-maintenance care. I had one in a 10g and NEVER fed it. It was always fat. Similarly, I had a tailspot blenny in a 20g that was the same way. No feeding, yet always plump. My sexies did well in the same no food environment for about a year and a half until I added an emerald crab. Then they slowly disappeared. Coincidence? I think not! lol. I might add some stuff to stir the sand. Maybe a nassarius snail or two. Possibly a conch? Either way, it should be pretty cool.
  10. RO/DI not producing anymore

    Hmmm... Do you know of any laws or regulations that restrict the amount of sediment in water for apartment complexes?
  11. I set up a new RO/DI unit and it worked well for about 10 gallons of good water after flushing. Now it seems like it is rejecting all of the water that goes through. Interestingly, the water is so rusty that the 5 micron sediment filter turned a dark red in 2 days and the carbon block is starting to pick up a red tinge as well. I let it run for a week and it produced about half a gallon on the first day and none after that. All the filters are brand new from BRS and I even replaced the flow limiter with a new one to make sure the membrane gpd matched the flow limiter gpd since I wasn't positive on the specs of the old one. I have it plumbed as follows: Cold water faucet 5 micron sediment 5 micron carbon Membrane DI Bucket It doesn't appear that any water is moving through the DI and the water level in the bucket is not changing, but I can hear water flowing through the waste line. Is it possible the water is just so bad that the sediment filter/carbon block are getting clogged lowering the pressure, or maybe the water is so bad that they are worn out too quick and the membrane is now getting bad water. I don't have a TDS meter, but I'm thinking I may need to get one.
  12. Nano-Reef.com 10th Birthday Gift Giveaway

    Happy Birthday!