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  1. Bulb: It is the full spectrum "Zooman72" 18w Par38 bulb. Awesome product, it is simply too powerful for my Nano though. Has only been turned on less than 24 hours - brand new condition. I believe they have a 3 year warranty (but I am not sure if that still applies with transfer of ownership). Lamp: Clamp Lamp fixture is also new, however the acrylic back of the clamp popped off when I tightened it too strong on my aquarium wall. Repaired it with superglue, and it works good as new - its just a bit off cosmetically (see picture). The gooseneck part of the lamp is like-new. 75$ Posted on Ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/290832670174?ssPag...984.m1555.l2649 Thanks!
  2. zbryce_85

    Nanocube 12g or JBJ Picotope 3g?

    if this is your first venture in nano-reefing, id strongly reccomend the 12 over the pico... The smaller you go, the harder it will be to maintain temp, suppliments, and waste on your reef. Try your hand at the 12, then, down the road you can start a picotope for your show corals (with an upgraded light...) ps I wouldnt put any fish in a 3g if you were doing any corals... the waste it produced would require constant monitoring...
  3. zbryce_85

    black clownfish

    Sorry, im in Colorado.
  4. zbryce_85

    12 gallon eclipse...

    for starfish, lighting isnt a concern as much as area for them to roam is. Im not too familiar with the sand sifter, but you could prob get away with one brittle or serpent if you have enough lr in it...
  5. zbryce_85

    black clownfish

    thx ill check them out.
  6. zbryce_85

    Where are the all-in-one acrylic nanos?

    that is a deal. thanks for the link - im gonna keep an eye on that site
  7. zbryce_85

    Where are the all-in-one acrylic nanos?

    Price is part of it, but I think they are a high qual tank too. I have some 'hardcore' friends who own a lfs, and he has three Tru Vu's - inc a big 200g setup in his shop and he says it is the best acrylic he has ever used. Upon close inspection, I found it to be very high qual... There is a thread about the 6g nano on another nano forum. There, the user says he had a tiny leak when he purchased it (can happen if a air bubble gets caught in the sealing process or something, but i guess its very rare) and the owner of Tru Vu called him personally to make it right. I have seen one Clear For Life, and it too was a very nice tank. I didnt see the Uniquarium though... I just think they are way overpriced. Where did you find them at a reasonable price? The cheapest I could find a uniquarium was at AquariumsDirect where they still outpriced Tru Vu, and the shipping was like 80$!!! I would love to get my hands on a 12g Uniquarium Cube if i could find one at a reasonable price...
  8. zbryce_85

    black clownfish

    Thanks for the tip - but liveaquaria doesent have them in stock (already tried them) There is nothing rare about a Orange Ocellaris, however I am looking for a Black Ocellaris. Normal Ocerllaris coloring is nothing like it...
  9. zbryce_85

    JBJ Viper vs. Sunpod

    do some more research. you can pick up a new k2 viper for less than $150 A coupon code for Petmountain is Save5 (5$ Off... better than nothing! )
  10. zbryce_85

    JBJ Viper vs. Sunpod

    Iv heard bad things about the 1st gen Vipers, but good on the K-2 Viper. Iv also heard people say the Sunpods are great, but my lfs uses them and says the ballasts in the Sunpods are crap... So theres allot of help Personally, Iv heard enough good about the K-2 Viper that I am going to purchase one (and hold onto the recipt!) If you go JBJ, just make sure it is K-2 and not the first gen! This is true. Pretty much all MH producers will tell you not to judge the intensity untill the bulb has been going for at least 100 hours... Color is also unique and will fluctuate slightly in each bulb
  11. zbryce_85

    black clownfish

    Hey all. Im new to this forum but not the hobby. Currently working on setting up a new 'super rare' nano; and I would like to find a black/white clown online... Is anybody aware of an online shop that has them??? Thanks
  12. zbryce_85

    Is that a Nano in the back? :D

    lol you captured my thoughts exactly... although i couldnt sit through all 2:43...
  13. zbryce_85

    Where are the all-in-one acrylic nanos?

    The only acrylic complete systems I know of are Aquasystem by TruVu and Uniquarium by Clear For Life. Uniquarium makes all-inclusive systems, but they will run you about TWICE as much as a tru vu... You can buy the tru vu nanos here: http://yhst-32494300360055.stores.yahoo.ne...croseries1.html They are quite expensive (in comparison to glass), and rare, and dont include a light... but tru vu makes some high quality tanks, and they are perfect for the acrylic lover who wants to do a custom trick'd out nano... I am purchasing a 6gal and mounting a K2 Viper 70 to it - Ill post a thread on how it goes once I get it going...
  14. zbryce_85

    12 gallon eclipse...

    my lfs has a 2 yr old show nano that is a light-upgraded (otherwise stock) eclipse 12 and it is amazing... They have zoos, shrooms, and a sea apple thriving in it, and I believe they only upgraded it to 50-somethin watts...
  15. zbryce_85

    I hate my LFS!

    Its hard here in CO - since the hobby isnt that huge here... None of our LFS's trade or credit anything... I've had to rely on CRAIGSLIST to trade specimens