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  1. Thanks Evilc66....still undecided. Its between this and a MP10.
  2. Thanks Christopher. Still trying to figure out how I will do the doors.
  3. Got a little work done on my tank stand this past weekend. This is going to house a Fluval M60 and on the right side will be a few shelves. Have to thank my wife, she is very creative and came up with idea. Will update as I get more done.
  4. Anyone using one of these? Still looking at powerheads for my setup, was thinking about the IceCap. The tank it will go in is a Fluval M60 (24x16x16). Would this be enough flow, or would it be better to go with more traditional style powerhead. Thanks for your input.
  5. I immediately thought of Office Space....
  6. Hello all. I have been a long time lurker here on Nano Reef. Got a good deal on a Fluval M60 a couple weeks ago at my LFS, in the process of gathering equipment for it now. Cant wait to get it setup, however I am going to practice patience. Last attempt at reef keeping I jumped in fast and didn't turn out so well, also was still active in the Navy, so a lot of relying upon the wife. Retired from navy now but work a regular 9-5, so more time. I do have a 60 cube setup right now, fish only. Hoping to benefit from the wealth of knowledge available here.