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  1. Fluval M-60, M-90 Question

    I have the Fluval M60, it did come with the stand. Did not use it, built my own....I am using the valve for water changes...super easy. Pics attached, I left the stand open underneath, the valve is on right side of tank.
  2. Where do y'all live?

    Virginia Beach, VA
  3. My DIY tank stand

    Slow updating but finally got my tank up around end of March....It is cycled now and has a Flame Hawk, PJ Cardinal, Clown and Lawnmower Blenny. Going to be adding coral, but waiting until late august, Have some travel for work.
  4. My DIY tank stand

    Well, Stand just needs to be stained. Still can not set it up....wife wants new flooring in the room where its going. Oh what we have to do to support a hobby.
  5. My DIY tank stand

    cool idea. Will have to pass it on to my design specialist (wife)...
  6. My DIY tank stand

    Tank stand still in same finished state. Life is so busy sometimes, especially these three kids I have all under 10 years of age....madness. determined to get out there if weather holds up this weekend.
  7. IceCap 3k Gyre

    Decided against the Icecap. already had one jebao rw-4 lying around. So going with another one of those controlled by Apex jr. Thanks for all the input.
  8. IceCap 3k Gyre

    Thanks Evilc66....still undecided. Its between this and a MP10.
  9. My DIY tank stand

    Thanks Christopher. Still trying to figure out how I will do the doors.
  10. My DIY tank stand

    Got a little work done on my tank stand this past weekend. This is going to house a Fluval M60 and on the right side will be a few shelves. Have to thank my wife, she is very creative and came up with idea. Will update as I get more done.
  11. IceCap 3k Gyre

    Anyone using one of these? Still looking at powerheads for my setup, was thinking about the IceCap. The tank it will go in is a Fluval M60 (24x16x16). Would this be enough flow, or would it be better to go with more traditional style powerhead. Thanks for your input.

    I immediately thought of Office Space....
  13. Starting Fluval M60

    Hello all. I have been a long time lurker here on Nano Reef. Got a good deal on a Fluval M60 a couple weeks ago at my LFS, in the process of gathering equipment for it now. Cant wait to get it setup, however I am going to practice patience. Last attempt at reef keeping I jumped in fast and didn't turn out so well, also was still active in the Navy, so a lot of relying upon the wife. Retired from navy now but work a regular 9-5, so more time. I do have a 60 cube setup right now, fish only. Hoping to benefit from the wealth of knowledge available here.
  14. lighting for a 45 gallon ?

    Thank both of you....I dont know why I would go cheat myself out of MH's either....Metal halides for me
  15. lighting for a 45 gallon ?

    Will be setting up a 45 gallon soon and was wondering what would be the most cost effective lighting for corals. I want to have a variety of corals, right now I have a Biocube 14 and am limited to my selection, would like to not be limited on the 45. It is 36 inches long, 12 inches deep, and 24 inches tall. Contemplating Metal Halides but the price is scary. Is there an alternative to these that will support just as well. Thanks...Chris