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    10 gal NPS tube nems, sun coral, wire coral, 10 gal mixed reef, lots of picos full of wonderful weird inverts, 1 large amazing parrot that never shuts up
  1. I was torn between a mantis or goby/shrimp pair. After watching a show about mantis shrimp featuring Dr. Roy, it was a no-brainer for me.
  2. Someone recommended a cobalt neotherm heater. I will look into thise for sure.
  3. Thank you. I thought I read somewhere that some species can crawl out, so you need to keep the water level lower. Obviously in such a small tank, I want to fill it all the way up.
  4. I finally have the time and space to set up the mantis tank I have wanted forever. My plan is to use a 5.5 standard tank. I have an AC20, I want to use a 25w hydor theo heater. I have 4# of 7 year old LR, to which I want to add 2# of dry LR rubble so my new friend can decorate. I plan on using some aragonite substrate I have on hand. I hope to find a G. smithii, but I can be happy with a wennarae. How does this sound? Do I need a lid for this tank?
  5. Hey all. I have several tanks running, and being a par hoarder, I have several bulbs. This question is regarding my 10 gal mixed reef. I started it with 2 ecoxotic 40 degree 12K bulbs. The growth was ridiculously great. I didnt love the color, and have swapped bulbs around and around. From 20K to a single full spectrum without enough spread, ad nauseum. Can someone point me in a direction here?
  6. I don't know. I haven't been able to find it again yet. I will keep looking.
  7. Dream Tank?!

    I have good luck, but my dream tank will never be. I would have a giant tank full of comb jellies, crinoids, carnations, sea apples, and any other weird or hard to keep invert out there. Oh, and a really hot merman.
  8. Well, I guess I panicked unnecessarily. The nem is hanging out on the glass, and looks fine.
  9. Ok, so my name is harleychic, and I'm a light hoarder. I have a 21w ecoxotic 12K par38 with 9 months of use. 2 455nm royal blues, 3 6500K. Optics are 40 - 60 degrees, but these can be easily swapped out. I am looking for a par30, around 18K.
  10. Thanks Seabass, I will keep that in mind next time. I will try and get some pics when I get home tonite. I can't figure out how to upliad pics from my phone to anywhere other than Facebook. Maybe I can copy and paste a link.
  11. I got a rock flower nem from a local guy today. I acclimated it slowly. It was somewhat attached to the bag, I pried it slowly off. I placed it in the tank where I hoped it would be happy, and it quickly attached. Then I notice a piece of flesh in the bag. I won't repeat here the words that came out iof my mouth. I'm thinking I must have torn the foot. Hoping for the best, I threw the piece into the tank near the nem. So far the nem looks happy. The random flesh also attached to the same rock. After watching it awhile, it looks like there might be green tentacles trying to come out! So what do you guys think, did I rip the foot, or is this a baby?
  12. How simple do you reef?

    +1 with what Eclipse said. Currently have 4 nanos. One 6 gallon edge that houses a giant harlequin shrimp for 2 years, one 3 1/2 gallon that has been running forever, one 10 gallon NPS tube anemone/sun coral tank up for 3 years, and one 10 gallon mixed reef that is about to turn a year old, LPS, zoas, shrooms, and SPS including acros. All are run with HOB filters, LR, heaters and powerheads, that's it. 10%+ weekly water changes always. I manually top off daily with RO/DI. I set up my first reef 12 years ago and got the best advice from my LFS, "Do your research, and do very frequent water changes, and you'll be fine". Words to live by.
  13. purple spot mantis

  14. purple spot mantis

    Following along, as I have a 5.5 gallon that I want to set up for a smithii. Can you tell me where you have seen them online?
  15. Nuvo 16 with Lotsa Good Stuff!

    How many watts is the heater, 50?