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  1. Float switch systems....

    I use one of these but i have an air pump conected to it with the air line going to a 5 gallon water jug.
  2. B-Ionic isin't doing crap for me!!

    I've been using reef advantage calcium from seachem for about 5 months works pretty good for me.
  3. How much are you asking for ?
  4. FS/FT:(2)R/C Cars,Fast

    Hey guys i want to get started in the r/c fever, is there any good sites that you recomend fro a newbie.?
  5. Worlds Smallest Ph

    Thanks for the info, I guess i'll give them a try. bigal's has some decent prices on them.
  6. Worlds Smallest Ph

    I was planning on ordering one of these aqua globe mini pumps, and just read and old thread about them rusting, can some one who has one for more than six months please update me. thanks.
  7. Camel Shrimp

    Are these actually reef safe?, i've been doing fw tanks for 10 years and fosw for 2 years, this is my first reef tank after almost 10 months of research. I bought one about 2 weeks ago but he is freaking me out every time i check on him he is nipping on my zoos or my polyps.
  8. drilling acrylic

    You can run your drill backwards at high speed and melt the acrylic, but start with the smallest bit you have and then work yourself up to the size you need. I've done two tanks this way with no problem.