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  1. Wow thats amazing and really one hell of a deal for one of the best acans I've ever seen! Wish I had my tank where I want it to add a piece of this caliber!
  2. The colors you have are insane, what kind of LED's are you running? Are you running LED's for daytime also?
  3. Those are amazing... I just hope it's not in your tank!
  4. Best fish ever & that is a great picture.
  5. great tank, take closer pics
  6. where did you get that blue tunicate from & how long have you had it? Has it grown a lot? How much was it?
  7. This is a sweet looking fish. Its really the only anthias that can be on its own in a "smaller than normal" tank. Its on my list for my tank here very soon.
  8. whoa whoa! Look at you go! How you been man? Its been rough for me, tank crashed, lost my job, the loft... getting everything back together kinda. I have a ridiculous custom 3/4" acrylic AIO tank. I'll try and send you some pics soon.
  9. Was this a DIY? You got a build thread?
  10. What kind of concert was this? Thats an awesome picture... glow sticks rock for many reasons:D
  11. 3 weeks and youve already put in a starfish? wow... that probably wont last very long.
  12. that is pretty impressive... dyed or not. wow.
  13. It looks more like a pink kenya tree over a carnation. Carnations usually have a white stalk with colorful polyps like orange, red, pink or yellow.
  14. how does this have such a yellow hue to it? Did you edit it?
  15. What exact bulb are you using in this picture?