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  1. 3 gallon bow/5 gallon sump

    plans?? I just buy and build. lol goal is to have a pimpt out end table tank... stock plans .just softys/zoas,ect... fish? don't know yet? maybe I'll go the sexy rout.. pump is??? have lots of pumps around.. found one with a perfect flow, and bought a new one.. lighting is 2 9 watt pc's. good enough for now, but you know how upgrading goes.
  2. 3 gallon bow/5 gallon sump

    No reason just did... haha, didnt want hide the pipe work...
  3. 3 gallon bow/5 gallon sump

  4. The FTS Thread!

    my newest tank,3 gallon
  5. 7gal.w/sump

  6. 3 gallon bow/5 gallon sump

  7. 3 gallon bow/5 gallon sump

    new main rock...
  8. 3 gallon bow/5 gallon sump

    I like watching my tank progress though time... new tank new thread.. this is I guess week one.. Everything is from my other tank, waiting to see a cycle.. Am was .025 I think, stupid color matching. 0 for nitrate.. Still need to add a new plug by the tank, Its on with my entertainment cct.. This is not the rock Im going to use for the tank, thought it would be a good seeder tho... sump..
  9. The Official Club Pico Thread

    I know I'm already number 006.... but my new pico is running now, now can I get a number??? 3gal bow 5gal sump 18w cf fixture 1 chunk of live rock to seed the sand started TODAY!!!
  10. 7gal.w/sump

    oh it will be a pico reef... 10 is stll going. progress pics of the 3gallon.. the robot
  11. 7gal.w/sump

  12. my newest tank

    pvc over kill?
  13. my newest tank

    no, no.. That "might" be how I hang the light fixture... gotta see how it looks once everything is in place and running..
  14. my newest tank

    3 gal bow... water ready????? TOMORROW!!!!
  15. The FTS Thread!