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  1. AquaticEngineer

    Jigsaw's 10G Coldwater Build!

    I love this so much :) @Jigsaw search my past posts on here, I've walked the path you are on ;) @1.0reef I use to collect and sell coldwater livestock but no longer do, there are others that do. Best places off the top of my head are www.matsucollections.com and www.gulfofme.com :) I also am more than happy to point you at locations you can legally collect your own :)
  2. Been quite a while since I was daily active over here, but I find myself spending much more time at my laptop these days Who else is keeping or planning on setting up a coldwater marine aquarium? Would love to start chatting again with more people that are keeping coldwater tanks, or if anyone needs tips or suggestions on setting one up just let me know
  3. AquaticEngineer

    Guess who's getting Weedy Sea Dragons again!

    Yeah the Leafy Seadragons are much much more
  4. AquaticEngineer

    Guess who's getting Weedy Sea Dragons again!

    I'm importing them from an Australian collector who is permitted to take a few berried males each year. He keeps the adults until the eggs hatch out in captivity, then raises and sells the captive hatched young. I collect and sell temperate livestock from the west coast of the US, but when there is super cool temperate species available to import I bring those in for sale also
  5. AquaticEngineer

    Guess who's getting Weedy Sea Dragons again!

    I know this isn't a nano reef fish, so these guys aren't going in most of our tanks, but just couldn't resist sharing that I'll be bringing in weedy sea dragons again this year! Here's a pic of me with one of them from the last time I brought them in a couple years ago
  6. AquaticEngineer

    TeenyReef's 4g PicoParadise

    Let me know if you need any help with the coldwater stuff
  7. AquaticEngineer

    A little disapointed

    We do an import from our supplier in Australia once annually that coincides with his sea dragon grow out. He's allowed to harvest a few adult males that are holding eggs each year and then lets them hatch out in captivity to raise the young for sale.
  8. AquaticEngineer

    A little disapointed

    Thanks! We might come up and hang out on our way up to Vancouver BC. Going to do some scouting up there with one of our future suppliers
  9. AquaticEngineer

    A little disapointed

    Thought I would give you guys the update that Coldwater Marine Aquatics is BACK! We brought on one of our good friends to help with collecting and we have some big plans for imports this year Keep an eye out for some really cool stuff coming from a new Canadian source, and we are bringing farm raised Weedy Sea Dragons in again! Check us out at www.ColdwaterMarineAquatics.com We are all really excited to be back and cant wait to start showing off new coldwater specimens! Cheers! Stu
  10. AquaticEngineer

    Amano Styled Coldwater Tank

    Sorry for the super late picture update. Here's a full tank shot and some of my beastly California Moray Eel
  11. AquaticEngineer

    Amano Styled Coldwater Tank

    Maybe..... The is kind of an issue, he managed to take down 3 of my 9 shiner perch. Only kind of because the shiners have now learned to stay clear of him, and I can always go catch more shiner perch Eels are much harder to come by. I just added new LED lights to replace the overly blue 15K 100w lights I had on there before. The light is much truer to natural looking light now.
  12. AquaticEngineer

    Amano Styled Coldwater Tank

    Picked up another version of this lobster tank over the weekend Gonna be a holding tank in the garage plumbed into the existing tank and sump setup for now unless I find something super extravagant that I need to put in another tank in my house.
  13. AquaticEngineer

    Amano Styled Coldwater Tank

    Here's a shot of me feeding him shrimp the other day He ate a shiner perch also, lol.
  14. AquaticEngineer

    Amano Styled Coldwater Tank

    Hoping I have some disposable cash soon to order up a dozen or so of the Red Rock Shrimp that live down there and clean the morays.
  15. AquaticEngineer

    Amano Styled Coldwater Tank

    Sorry for the few and far between updates, too much stuff. Recently acquired a California Moray Eel for the tank (which has been on my long list of hopeful fish acquisitions for a very long time!) Also, inherited another Black Eye Goby so I now have a trio of 2 males and hopefully a new female, along with a few more Shiner Perch to bring my school up to 9 now. Over the summer me and the kids went out collecting and go a whole bunch of Mole Crabs for moving and cleaning the sandbed and they all seem to be doing well Inherited a great looking large barnacle cluster with some amazing red fan algae growing all over it (pics soon I promise) And it looks like next weekend I will be picking up another lobster tank very similar to this one I already have but just a bit smaller, for free