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  1. I would install the Peninsula model, with Ricordea and Yuma gardens, and on the upper section Monti, LPS, or maybe a RBTA. A clownfish paradise!
  2. Emerald Crabs Ok?

    The first emerald crab I bought was an awesome algae cleaner. It immediately went to work as soon as it was introduced. The second one, however, didn't touch any algae whatsoever, but it did take a liking to eating the polyps off my Kenya tree. So I threw him into my old 2.5 where he can't hurt anything. Actually I'm getting sick of emerald and hermit crabs. It's really been hit or miss. Usually the hermits haven't been too much of a problem, but recently one of my Mexican hermits knocked over my orange montipora digita, which had been doing splendidly. Since it was knocked over, 3/4 of it bleached -- I am so ####ed!
  3. As you can see, the top of this coral still has good polyp extension.
  4. I have heard of some type of mollusk that burrows into these soft corals, but I am not sure about this. What I see is a small dark brown somewhat round thing, protruding through the side of the stalk. I will try to attach a picture after this message. I am wondering if the best thing to do at this point is frag the top portions of the coral and discard the stalk before it has a chance to spread. My other soft corals are doing very well, so I don't want whatever it is to attack the others. Suggestions? I did a search for this but didn't come up with any solutions.
  5. 1/6/05 Upgrading your aquarium

    I upgraded my office 2.5 to a minibow 7, because my employees kept urging me to upsize and also because I wanted higher quality lighting (I had 2x13w Bayco w/50-50s in the 2.5, and now there's 2x32w with better reflectors). The minibow has been up six months now and everything is growing like crazy! So now I think it's time for a 20 Long at home! I will always keep the minibow 7 no matter what -- it's such an awesome tank, though maybe a 70w MH is the next step???
  6. Sun Coral or some Yellow Polyps?

    Very bright yellow when unhealthy? I hadn't heard that before. In that case I was hoodwinked by my LFS. Not a good deal for me either evidently...
  7. Those are Q-tip sponges. Also known as Pineapple sponges. See thread http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/showthread...ght=qtip+sponge
  8. My Office 2.5

    I recently added a web cam for the aquarium. The lights aren't always on of course, but here it is: nanoreef.ww.com
  9. My Office 2.5

    I got the zoos and many of the other items from Rocky at coralfragz.com. The zoos arrived as extra goodies, and I have to say that the customer service I received was outstanding! One of the best online buying experiences I've had online.
  10. My Office 2.5

    gsp, zoos, tunicate, and what else?! a stomatella... (Yes, I saw that aiptasia in there too - I aggressively went after it and I think I have killed it. but maybe it's time for a peppermint shrimp?) How big do tunicates get, anyway? This one has been steadily increasing in size. P.S. Sorry about the date in the bottom corner of the pics. The batteries were just replaced in the camera and I forgot that the datestamp is enabled by default.
  11. My Office 2.5

    Ric. florida, ric, yuma, cabbage, palythoa (?), aqua and orange zoos, caulerpae, and a stomatella. How many stomatellas can a 2.5 hold, anyway?
  12. My Office 2.5

    Aqua zoos, tunicate, xenia, kenya tree (?), some kind of hitchhiker red macro, striped mushroom, and the ever-branching leather. I also seem to be getting lots of q-tip sponges lately.
  13. My Office 2.5

    Side view, with gsp, zoos, leathers, stomatella, macros, etc.
  14. My Office 2.5

    When I set this up in my office, I had no idea how much of a stir it would create! People now stop by on a periodic basis to see how it is evolving. And evolving it does -- almost every day there seems to be something new to be seen. Some stuff is growing a lot more than I expected. Other things, like the yellow polyps, I had to move to another tank, where some already in it were doing much better. It seemed that the pods were constantly bothering them as was perhaps too much flow, so the move out was a good thing for them. Anyway, here is an updated full pic:
  15. Every time I think: "Liquid's finally reached the limit" of what 2.5 gallons can do, he thinks of something new, and it just gets better and better! Truly amazing, and excellent work. So, I am assuming that you got the Regent pendant, ballast, and cable all from HD? If you didn't have the cabinet under which to mount it, how would you have set up the lighting? Is there such a thing as a free-standing holder for a pendant?