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  1. DSCF3490

    i always wanted cool worms like those but they're so hard to find!
  2. December FTS - T5 Daylights!

    when those acans grow that rock is going to be one of the greatest pieces I've ever seen. it's already beautiful! do you do feedings of any sort?
  3. my 33 long

    http://s1235.photobucket.com/albums/ff429/fidgetjay/ hey everybody, this is my final project. my 33 gallon long growout tank. I've collected a number of species of zoas, palys, montis, torches, xenias, frogspawns, shrooms, anemones, kenya trees, rics, a medusa coral, anthelias and another I always forget what it is. I've always had a bunch of tanks and I've decided I just needed one longterm, low maintenance, low light tank with a nice nutrient load to promote growth but keep the water quality high. So far it's been achieved quite well. Filtration is about 20 lbs of rocks, weekly water changes, and 30 lbs of live sand Water movement provided by a koralia 2 and an AC500 at half flow Lighting is 2 ATI aquablue and superblue T5's Heating 100w Stealth heater The plan is to stock a few more monti frags and then let the growing continue. So far, my frogspawn has reduced in size but has sprouted new heads. the fast growing zoas are growing fast into the sand and around the rocks. the shrooms and rics have split. the anemones have multiplied LIKE MAD, they're really cool tiny anemones that came on a rock covered by a six line. Feeding is every other day with pellets and 4 mysis shrimp Tank houses 2 misbar clowns, a watchman goby, and a sixline wrasse. Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates < 5 The tank is looking healthy. Blue led lighting brings out the yellows, oranges, purples and greens each evening. Sorry for the crappy picture quality. I have a simple point and shoot olympus that takes great pix but I can't seem to get it set right for aquarium pix.
  4. Gotta love GSP

    yes you do! love the pic
  5. Tubastrea

    love it!
  6. frog spawn has grown...

    jeez i can't even get my frogspawn to open a little bit!
  7. playing god?

    how cool would an all white perc with blue eyes be?!
  8. Rare Zoa? Pictures

    sounds cool. can't watit to see pix!
  9. Garret's Bedroom Pico - Dymax IQ3

    are the zoos opening yet? i love the setup. what do you have for lighting, the gsp are pretty high, no?
  10. Pulsing Xenia

    yeah I think I'm gonna go with GSP again for the back, but I still do want xenia for one of the rocks in my tank. it's my shrimp rock, but they need a little more action than they're getting
  11. Critique my aquascape, please!

    I've never had sponges do incredibly well in any tank, but I learned a while back that because they're filter feeders, if you're not careful, they'll get clogged and will begin to foul the tank. Not high flow, but a nice constant somewhat indirect flow is how I have one now, not sure how well it's doing, but it's not losing color so I'm gonna say it's doing ok. curious to see how you change it up. I think you'd be able to keep the caves if they were different heights (???) I'm in hte middle of a decorating crisis now too lol
  12. Pulsing Xenia

    I hear it grows like weeds, and the same about GSP. I had GSP before and loved when it started growing on the back of the tank/sand, but I hear that xenia is a nuisance?! I think this will be my next investment, a coral that grows like mad to cover the back of my tank. does anyone have out of control xenia pictures?
  13. Critique my aquascape, please!

    i hate it, that log is too big, jeez! maybe....you....should.....just sell it to me !!!! No I think it's a pretty easy fix if you leave the zoa log and take the rocks from atop and put them behind the cave so you can't see the glass and use the rock with the sponge to create a larger island to the right side of the tank. then you'll have a koralia blowing directly on the sponge, or just switch it out for a smaller piece. if you only have your clowns then one cave is more than enough. I've never actually seen my clowns go in any of the caves in my tank