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  1. Welcome back to the hobby! I'm super excited to follow this build as it sounds exactly like what I'm planning. Although I never got out of the hobby, my Elos Mini has been chugging along on cruise control for the past few years as my 5 1/2 year old and 8 month old soaked up most of my reefing time. I'm planning on getting a Reefer 170 and using almost the same equipment you listed (APEX and Eshopps being the only difference). It's always exciting and nerve-wracking setting up a new tank but like you, I'm excited to use my past lessons-learned to do things right the first time around this time. Following along for sure and excited to see where this goes. -Adam
  2. Light has been sold. Sorry man
  3. SOLD I recently upgraded to the latest NanoBoxReef Duo for my ELOS Mini and I'm looking to pass along a deal for an absolutely fantastic light. I've had this unit for about a year and a half now and there are no issues with it (was running on the tank as of yesterday morning before making the switch). Details NanoBoxReef Duo Version 2.0 w/Lime LEDs White w/light gray accents Storm Controller Hanging version Price $145 + actual shipping (PayPal)Pictures I wasn't able to adjust the white balance on all of these so there is some variance in the white among them. I'll highlight the one that is the truest representation. Truest Representation of the White Feel free to PM or reply here with any questions. -Adam
  4. Congratulations on the baby! We had our second child mid-May of this past year so I totally understand the lack of time to dedicate to aquariums My ELOS Mini has been chugging along but I'm considering upgrading to a Red Sea Reefer 170 in the coming months. Let's definitely meet up sometime. Sounds like we'll plan something when Dave is down this way later this month.
  5. Hey Weets. I've been poking around NR again lately and figured I'd swing by your thread. Hope all is well with you in the Upstate (didn't realize you were in SC now). -Adam
  6. Hey Jason. Been a LONG time since you were down this way in Charleston and I snagged a few frags. I found this thread from Dave's NanoBox thread and wanted to see if you're still in SC and if you ever set this tank back up. My Elos Mini has been cruising along for 4+ years now. Hope all has been well with you. I need to get back into the NR community and post more often. -Adam
  7. VERY nice.
  8. Sweet little piece you have going there. Mine has taken a while to get a nice base but has grown nicely since then.
  9. You're one SWEET chalice!!
  10. One of my favorite pieces as well. Looks like you got a great specimen.
  11. Awesome pic....I am actually getting a frag of that any minute today. Should have a pic later on