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  1. Looking forward to following along, Jason. Lots of cool projects!! -Adam
  2. I agree with Nano sapiens and Weetabix. Blow off the brown junk, give them a dip, and leave them alone. Most coral are a lot more forgiving and resilient than we give them credit for. That's a pretty big spike in salinity but as long as they're not melting, give them some time and TLC and they should bounce back.
  3. As someone mentioned earlier, you may be dealing with dinoflaggelates as opposed to diatoms. Instead of a brown dusting on the rocks, glass, and sand bed, it looks like you have a mat instead. Is it stringy and does it have bubbles in it? Since you were using tap water, you may have a build up of silicates which would certainly fuel the dinos (and diatoms). You might want to check out a product called Vibrant (LINK), which is a tank additive that contains a number of bacteria strains that can out compete the algae/dinos for available nutrients. I was super skeptical of the product (thought it was another snake oil product) but I've been using it on my tank for 2 months now and it's made a huge difference. I neglected my tank for months (6 months between water changes) and it brought it back to life. There is a HUGE thread on R2R with some user stories. Might be worth a try in your case if it turns out to be dinos. If it's diatoms, I would keep up with top off and water changes with RO/DI (make sure it's testing o TDS and you have a silicate remover) and they should go away on their own. Just my two pennies....
  4. Welcome back to the hobby! I'm super excited to follow this build as it sounds exactly like what I'm planning. Although I never got out of the hobby, my Elos Mini has been chugging along on cruise control for the past few years as my 5 1/2 year old and 8 month old soaked up most of my reefing time. I'm planning on getting a Reefer 170 and using almost the same equipment you listed (APEX and Eshopps being the only difference). It's always exciting and nerve-wracking setting up a new tank but like you, I'm excited to use my past lessons-learned to do things right the first time around this time. Following along for sure and excited to see where this goes. -Adam
  5. Light has been sold. Sorry man
  6. SOLD I recently upgraded to the latest NanoBoxReef Duo for my ELOS Mini and I'm looking to pass along a deal for an absolutely fantastic light. I've had this unit for about a year and a half now and there are no issues with it (was running on the tank as of yesterday morning before making the switch). Details NanoBoxReef Duo Version 2.0 w/Lime LEDs White w/light gray accents Storm Controller Hanging version Price $145 + actual shipping (PayPal)Pictures I wasn't able to adjust the white balance on all of these so there is some variance in the white among them. I'll highlight the one that is the truest representation. Truest Representation of the White Feel free to PM or reply here with any questions. -Adam
  7. Congratulations on the baby! We had our second child mid-May of this past year so I totally understand the lack of time to dedicate to aquariums My ELOS Mini has been chugging along but I'm considering upgrading to a Red Sea Reefer 170 in the coming months. Let's definitely meet up sometime. Sounds like we'll plan something when Dave is down this way later this month.
  8. Hey Weets. I've been poking around NR again lately and figured I'd swing by your thread. Hope all is well with you in the Upstate (didn't realize you were in SC now). -Adam
  9. Hey Jason. Been a LONG time since you were down this way in Charleston and I snagged a few frags. I found this thread from Dave's NanoBox thread and wanted to see if you're still in SC and if you ever set this tank back up. My Elos Mini has been cruising along for 4+ years now. Hope all has been well with you. I need to get back into the NR community and post more often. -Adam
  10. Chucktown Bommie Reef Background I've been reefing for close to 6 years now and have been a pretty active member around here for the last few. I started with a 55g softie reef back in 2005 and was really happy with my first foray into reef-keeping. After keeping it for a little over a year, I randomly heard about nanos and have been hooked ever since (kept a BC29, then a 20H SPS, and now the 17g). The overall goal for this tank started as a "a simplistic yet colorful mixed reef; including some select SPS, top-notch Euphyllia and Acans, and hopefully some Zoanthids and Palys." As you can see from my sig, this tank has actually been up and running for almost 15 months now. You can find the first 41 pages of my original thread HERE. I decided to start a new thread because it had been so long since I updated the thread that things were more than stale and some of the changes I've made over the last week have completely changed the way and direction I'm taking with the tank. Hopefully some of the old followers will keep tabs on things over here now and hopefully some new faces will become regulars as well. Here are the specs on the tank and equipment, along with current tank inhabitants and a series of FTS's starting from the month I started last June/July. The Tank 17g 60-L from Green Leaf Aquariums Dimension: 23.6 x 11.8 x 14.2in Glass Thickness: 5mm The Equipment Vortech MP10 Koralia Nano Pendant - Ryujin LED Lighting -- Made By NanoBox (DaveFason) Heater (eventually will be an in-line) Deltec MCE300 SPS Green Slimer Red Bug Monti (Green w/red polyps) Euphyllia Green/Purple Hammer Todds Torch (eventually) Others Blue Cloves Red Mushroom Duncan Blasto Merletti Green/Purple Favia Acans FnF Sunset Orange Rainbox Blue/Red Others Nightmares Armor of God Fruit Loops Eagle Eyes Various others June - I was using my Aquatinics TX5 fixture with these while the pendant was built. July August September October November/December - This is when I got Dave's first LED fixture prototype for testing. January - Starting running into some phosphate issues here March - First attempt at rescaping into one large island/bommie At the end of May, this happened....effectively tossing the reef into auto-pilot (water changes every 2-3 weeks and just keeping up with top off and feedings) Now that he's almost 4 months old, I feel like I finally have my feet under me and have enough time to dive back into reef keeping with the enthusiasm and interest I had before. Here's a recent shot of the lil guy, who by the way loves staring at the tank and watching all of the movement. So that pretty much brings everything up to about a week ago, when I decided to pull the trigger on a number of changes that I've had in mind for a while now. Hopefully I'll have another post up later this afternoon/evening as I'm excited to share how things look now. As with my past threads, feel free to ask questions, post observations, let me know when I'm off in left-field, and general heckle from the peanut gallery (I'm counting on you D). Hopefully you find the information and discussions useful. Since photography is one of my hobbies and side businesses, there will be plenty o' pictures to come. -Adam
  11. VERY nice.
  12. Sweet little piece you have going there. Mine has taken a while to get a nice base but has grown nicely since then.
  13. You're one SWEET chalice!!