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  1. I want one to, but they seem to be a pretty big gamble.
  2. Gorgeous!
  3. Very, very pretty!
  4. I loved mine! May he RIP!
  5. That is just wrong.
  6. I just got my first clam today too!!! I'm so psyched but my tank will never look as good as yours!
  7. How often?
  8. Until I saw this, I didn't know GSP would do that. I looked in my tank and sure enough, it had been eating my toadstool leather! So now, its off on its own at the top of the tank.
  9. Not only is your tank awesome, but I love seeing another reef lover who shares my other passion, mid century design. I'm having a hard time blending the two as I think having a reef tank is anything but minimalist.
  10. How did you do that? Will you either start a thread or pm me?
  11. Wait, that doesn't look like a dorm.
  12. Well alrighty then, I'm on it! Lets see what happens!!!
  13. I have that same Yuma, but I don't feed it. I didn't know it WOULD it food. Seriously? Mine is huge too.
  14. I actually took this for last months contest, but didn't upload it in time!
  15. That is a gorgeous tank! How do you get your zoas to grow out? Mine don't ever seem to multiply!!!