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  1. CAD 100G Artisan Build

    I'm all in now, as far as the towel rack, stole that idea from Urbanks, probably the nicest build I've seen for simple, and cleanliness. He's been a big inspiration for me on my build. I followed his 110 back in 2012, and now his 250. Simply stunning.
  2. CAD 100G Artisan Build

    Figure I would update. 1. Still working on the Electronic Panel, just a lot of cable management, I know it's not really nesscesary , but I would like it to have the salt room clean and neat. 2. I need to change out my GFCi's for regular outlets, they are triggering when I attached my 3x Radion's. 3. Still awaiting my Vertex 170, should be here soon. 4. Salt in the tank, Rock I just threw in, still need to scape. Only thing that will make this project longer, is two trips planned. I really wanted to start a cycle, but don't want to be gone for 4 weeks , and not know what's going on with the tank. So I will put it off until probably early March. Well, here are some new pics:
  3. CAD 100G Artisan Build

    Thanks, it definitely feels good to finally finish this build. I will say this, I will never be a plumber , man there is purple everywhere. But she is finally wet!! Now on to finishing the Genesis System and Electronic Panel with all the toys
  4. CAD 100G Artisan Build

    Almost finished with the mock up; and I can officially say I hate plumbing. Which probably isn't news to any of you
  5. CAD 100G Artisan Build

    Let there be light!
  6. CAD 100G Artisan Build

    My wallet wishes I won the Powerball. Worked on the Radion's last night. They really are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Now, I am still trying to figure the best way to anchor the grommets to celling drywall. ( without being nervous of $$$ crashing into the tank) Well, look what finally showed up! This thing is a work of art. Talk about pure sex. Looks like sleep will have to wait this weekend! It's plumbing time!
  7. CAD 100G Artisan Build

    Still waiting on sump delivery , should be here tomorrow, fingers crossed. In the mean time I have been working on wiring dedicated 20amp service for the tank, and decided to drywall it for a cleaner look. Also, still waiting on some equipment, but figured I would get started on the equipment board while I waited. Going to use a dedicated Tablet , just to make it easier controlling the apex system. Still have a lot of work to do but hope you enjoy some eye candy .
  8. CAD 100G Artisan Build

    Well, I received notice of shipment on my Synergy Sump. I guess I need to get moving on my Room. Still have drywall to hang and start on my equipment panel / wall. The good news, some of the equipment has started to show up, so I can work on the equipment panel this weekend. Next, I dipped all my rock in RODI and now put in a brute to start to cure the Walt Smith Rock. Things are slowly moving along.
  9. CAD 100G Artisan Build

    Walt Smith Project Reef Rock 2.1 http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/project-reef-rock-2-1-walt-smith.html
  10. CAD 100G Artisan Build

    Makes sense
  11. CAD 100G Artisan Build

    I'm liking the arches, but maybe do a mound / Cave on the right side of the tank, and not connect the 2 leave a gap in the middle?
  12. CAD 100G Artisan Build

    Messing around with Scaping, I suck at this part. Thinking 2 mounds or maybe a cave with an arch to the other side. Good thing I have time to mess around with this some more.
  13. CAD 100G Artisan Build

    Yes, the tank has sat in my storage area of the basement for about 3+ years. I just didn't have the spare cash to build what I wanted, and need to finish my basement and keep the wife happy But now I am determined to finish this build and do it top notch. Just finished cleaning out the storage area, I have green board and drywall to finish the inside where my sump will go. Just waiting on Synergy to finish building it, I have all the plumbing parts, and now I'm going to start to cure my rock. I am guessing 2 weeks, on sump, rock, ect. before the tank gets wet. But after that things should move quickly. Tech has changed from when I stopped, and I am glad. So much better equipment right now. As far as lighting I am thinking Radion X30's Pro, or going with the Giesemann Aurora Hybrid, if I can find one.
  14. CAD 100G Artisan Build

    Things are coming along, I have the Salt Room completely cleaned out. I need to now start wiring for lights, and outlets. I have received My Genesis Renew + Storm and Pro and Project Reef Rock 2.1 ( the rock looks pretty good, sorry for the crapy pic)
  15. CAD 100G Artisan Build

    Ordered a Synergy CL-44 Sump(white), should be here in 1 week Still Need a lot of equipment, just need to get to get back on the forms and see what's better, or if things have been updated over the years. Still questioning lighting, but I am leaning more towards a T5/LED combo