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  1. Safe Epoxies

    Thanks, I'll check the hardware store tomorrow.
  2. Safe Epoxies

    Thanks Stevie, What I have came from a local hobby shop. It's two small bottles, one is the epoxy resin the other is the hardener. It is the 5-minute quick set type. The hobby shop told me it was fine underwater, but I just now read the bottom and although it bonds virtually anything, it says: "not recommended for areas subject to long term immersion in water". This could be an issue. I'll probably look for one that is OK underwater.
  3. Safe Epoxies

    I want to replace my powerhead's suction cups with magnets. Will 2-part epoxy be safe to use in a nano tank?
  4. What have people done to prevent fish from jumping into the back chambers of their biocubes? I've come home twice now and seen only one clown swimming in the main tank. First time I found the other in chamber #3, and tonight I found one on top of the filter floss of chamber #2. Your suggestions are much appreciated, by me and the two little clowns. Cheers.
  5. Hydor Flo or No.

    I have a BC14 with the MJ900 currently installed. I want to install the Hydor Flo just to try it out, but every time I put it on it just pops off once the pump is turned on again. I've selected the closest fitting adaptor, but it has to go inside the bulkhead fitting, so it gets pushed out once the flow is turned on. Does anyone have a suggestion for making the connection tighter without making it permanent? Thanks.
  6. Need help to ID weird sponge or coral

    Thanks Tang, it would certainly be nice to know what this is.
  7. I'm new to reefkeeping and would appreciate any help to identify this strange hitch hiker that showed up on some live rock. It's now 3-4 inches across and I haven't noticed a significant change in the 3-4 weeks that I've had the tank. The tank was originally setup approximately 3 months before I purchased it. Apparently this life form grew out of the live rock. All that's in the tank now is a small CUC - 2 hermits and 3 turbo snails, and no one bothers or seems bothered by this coral/sponge(?) The branches are about 1/8" - 3/16" in diameter and are fairly rigid (like styrofoam). Thanks in advance for your feedback.