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  1. My 14g Nano

    I do have a clean up crew......
  2. I want to see pictures of your favorite crab

    yankee, that looks like a tiny little emerald. And adin I have never seen a gaudy clown crab, I love the orange on him. How big is he? What do you have him in? Where did you get him? And what price? Wow that was alot of typing........
  3. I want to see pictures of your favorite crab

    Awesome pictures jesse, yea I have a pom pom in my nano too deffinatly a charactor. They have such incredible markings. How big is yours roughly?
  4. Hello everyone, I would like to see pictures of your favorite crabs and why they are your favorite if you have a story.

    sammy I cant believe you got thoose as a freebie! Send some my way I love the blue. I found these at the lfs
  6. Oceanic Angles

    Bill, I am also a "lurker" hahaha. I would really love to see some pictures of you tank and especially your dresser crabs.
  7. Chad's 14 gallon nano bio cube

    I have been keeping fresh water aquariums since I was about....... 10 maybe. And I tried a salt water tank about 3 years ago and failed miserably but I am starting over and trying again and so far so good (other than algae but I'm starting to get control of it). My tank has been up for about 4 months and I have had no invertabrate deaths and three fish fatalities . Tell me what you guys think. And i will have to get some updated shots.
  8. Some nice Green Zoo's

    I got a nice colony from my lfs for 70$!
  9. This is the Top

    A picture taken from the top
  10. My 14g Nano

    Bad picture but most recent
  11. [Stock] Pico1

    FTS most recent? by the way inspirational tank
  12. reefin