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  1. I'm planning to build multiple aquarium racks that hold 40 breeders and 15 (24x12x12) aquariums. Is there any place online that sells these in bulk or is there a recommended way to get lots of aquariums? My current plan is to wait for the Petco dollar per gallon sale but the 40 breeders are not included anymore (half off) and I don't think 15s are part of it (20 is too tall for me). - Das
  2. Leak in AIO Aquarium - How to fix?

    Sorry I haven't responded earlier. The tank seems to have been sealed since I haven't seen water loss and salinity has remained steady. All I did was silicone over where the drip was happening and let it dry.
  3. Leak in AIO Aquarium - How to fix?

    I just siliconed the seams over again. The leak got progressively smaller and it seems to have gone for now. I'll wait for it to cure and try filling to see what happens. If not, I think the two-part silicone should do the trick, we'll see.
  4. Leak in AIO Aquarium - How to fix?

    Hello Chris, There is no trim on this type of aquarium, it is completely rimless with only pain on the back to black out. Getting to the inside of the leak is hard because it has several baffles in the way and I don't want to remove them unless it's necessary. I was hoping there would be a way to fix the leak from the outside to avoid taking it apart. But I guess fixing it from the inside is the safest bet.
  5. Leak in AIO Aquarium - How to fix?

    Yes, the leak is coming from a seam. Is there any product that would let me seal a silicone break from the outside? It's in the back chamber so aesthetics is not important.
  6. Leak in AIO Aquarium - How to fix?

    Hello, During a recent move, my aquarium sprung a leak at the bottom of one of the back chambers. The tank has been drained and after pinpointing the source, water is coming at 1 drop/sec at the back-left corner. I tried silicone from the outside but it's still leaking through it. The only other option I see is to strip off all the glass in the back chambers to reseal the back corner. Has anyone done this? It's a JBJ 32 gallon rimless aquarium.
  7. MAME Overflow no longer priming:

    The siphon doesn't start with my MAME overflow anymore. The ventrui is clean and unclogged, and I cleaned the overflow thoroughly. What could be the cause? It's the same pump I used before MJ900.
  8. Help: Corals starting to die one by one...

    My Calcium reads at 420, and don't have a PO4 test kit, but there is no algae so... Hardness is at 8 and Magnesium at ~1300.
  9. So I started my tank in late May and for the first month and a half, everything was going well. My live rock was taken for an established system so no cycle. Everything from acroporas to my mushrooms were doing well. Now, I have some corals dying for what looks to be no reason. Even the algae is growing slower. I'm getting random RTN on my acros and lost a few within hours. My Kenya tree, Colt leather, GSP, and frogspawn are all shriveled. It's been this way for about a week and a half. I've tried changing 50% water and still no change. Details: System: 22G + 30G SPS/Softie tank split into two tanks Equipment: MJ1200 returns, AquaMaxx HOB-1 Skimmer, Chaeto and Caulerpa in refugium, running Chem-pure elite. Params: SG: 1.025 (36.2) Temp: 76.1 ph: 8.12-8.22 Again, this was a system that was thriving and then suddenly started going off. My latest diagnosis is stray electricity and I unplugged my one return which tripped a circuit once before on my Apex. Could MP40's release stray electricity?
  10. SPS and softie tank plumbed together?

    The Softie tank is actually taller than the SPS tank so I can't do the idea you mentioned. My initial plan was to make the softie tank my refugium area with macro-algae and soft corals. The sump would be purely for equipment and if allows some extra live rock. As far as reactors go, I'm using only baking soda and pickling lime to keep levels up. And will do 5 gallon water changes (50 gallon system) weekly.
  11. SPS and softie tank plumbed together?

    Just realized that by overflowing the back chamber of my rimless JBJ 30 gallon (the softie tank), I can actually add a MAME overflow if I want. So it looks like I'll hold off on to keeping them separate for now.
  12. MAME Overflow sucking air:

    Thanks. I'll try that. What do you mean by full siphon? To reduce backflow, I removed the elbow on the outlet. Can that be the issue?
  13. MAME Overflow sucking air:

    How can I fix it? Right now, the strainer is at its highest to increase the water level.
  14. MAME Overflow sucking air:

    Maybe I have too much flow - a MJ900 with about 180gph going through it but the ventrui starts to draw air. Any solutions on how to stop bubbles from entering the tank through this?
  15. SPS and softie tank plumbed together?

    Alright cool. Thanks for the input. I'll likely plumb them together.