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  1. What is your occupation?

    we actually deal in risk management, so sit in between most trades on most of the exchanges, so that traders dont do stupid things
  2. What is your occupation?

    Sr Technical Specialist in the Stock Exchange industry. Specialize in linux and network communications with an emphasis on low latency.
  3. My project today

    I have two of the Aqua Illumination Sols over my 75 And they are awesome. You can also set the randomness of the lightning storms, which can be REALLY confusing when they kick off in the middle of the night and all the sudden your living room is flashing randomly
  4. My 75 Gallon peninsula tank

    lookin great man!
  5. Reef keeper Q's and safety Q

    yep, you should be fine
  6. Bio Balls?

    Sounds like more of a hinerance than a helper to me
  7. is feeding grape caulerpa to tangs safe?

    Yeah, I've never heard of grap caluerpa being poisonous either..
  8. white fuzzy balls on live rock

    yep sounds like sponges, good sign of happiness in yo tank!
  9. Xenia wall

    I've noticed xenia like a longer duration of light(at least in my 75G Xenia FOREST OF HELL I recently cut the light from 10 hours straight to 5 on 7 off, 5 on 7 off, and they started dissapearing
  10. Disciplining a fish

  11. Trying to set up a sump. please help

    Melev's site has resources for everybody in reefing. Hah!! He does have AWESOME designs though, and when you've made that many sumps, you definitely know the to-dos and not-to-dos. I use a 30Gal, which I believe is a 36 1/4 x 12 5/8 x 16 3/4, and would be just a tidbit too big for your setup. I made baffles out of 1/4" acryllic, with three chambers, first one takes water, and skimmer sits there, next is big, for rock, and chaeto... third chamber is for the return pump and auto top off. I use a Mag 5, but with the headloss, you would probably need a bigger pump. One note, be very careful of external overflows, one day it WILL come back to haunt you if you do use one. If you can drill your tank, drill it.
  12. I am New <3

    Welcome to the board! I'm not from canada, but I am a fan of house and club music I dj'd for ten years before putting the headphones down, as I had kids. Tanks sound awesome, definitely post pics
  13. nano reef