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  1. I said I thought this would look great but your pics exceed my expectations. Pretty work on the plumbing and preparations.
  2. I think it will look great. This is a very tempting tank option.
  3. Nassarius are cool, I love how they pop out of the sand at feeding time, reminds me of Muad'Dib and a group of Fremin.
  4. I had a serial killer mis bar clown. It was my first saltwater fish so I was partial to it. I have no doubt it was responsible for killing every other fish I ever put in the tank. The first couple I wasn't sure at first but then I caught her in the act. Once the lights went out she went on the hunt. Came home late one night to her checking a tank mate into the corner in the dark. Her victims included in order: Cleaner shrimp, Orange Diamond Goby, Green Clown Goby, Royal Gamma (this one put up the most fight, till she broke his back dead in the center of his body, lived another couple months like that but rarely came out of his rock again, and finally my prized Pygmy Pacific Angel fish. I wouldn't put it past the clowns at least participating in the goby down fall.
  5. I've been away for quite some time myself. Law school, now BAR prep ugh... I've been looking to get back into it as well, and man have things changed in 3 or 4 years, especially in lighting. No personal experience with them, but Micro-Reefs have some sharp looking picos and they are a sponsor on here. If I decide to get a pico after I get my 20H back in line it will likely be one of theirs. Daniel
  6. Yeah I thought so. I really like him and I paid under $30.00 for it. I will try and get some actual pictures of the one that I have. Band Hunter
  7. Heres a pick and some info... http://www.marinecenter.com/fish/angelfish...ificpygmyangel/ Band Hunter
  8. Hey I just got one of these at the LFS today. He was eating well and I had done some research that said they were peaceful, easy to care for, and suitable for 20-30 gallon tank. Anyone have one of these guys? My buddy at the LFS said it was the first time he had ever seen one, but i don't think they are that rare. Just wanted to hear some experiences. Band Hunter
  9. I have had my green open brain for about two months and it seems to be doing great. However, I have noticed that a rather large bristle worm has taken up residence in the substrate below my brain. Will this harm the coral? It doesnt seem to be but if it could i would like to know so i can set some traps or something. Band Hunter
  10. I have two in my tank and they just eat the flake food that makes it to the sand bed. I have had them for several months so they must like it. Band Hunter
  11. I just got a nice green frogspawn piece for my 20H. 5 Heads on it. No acclimation just put it in the tank where i thought it would be fine and when i got back from work all of the heads were open and it looks just like it did in the LFS. It really is a neat coral. I am hoping that my little false perc hosts it. Thats the real reason I got one that big. So it wouldn't kill it from rubbing all over it. Oh i have it in medium flow. Band Hunter
  12. I was thinking the same thing Hammy. But I would really like several species of fish in my tank so if i put another false perc in i would probably only be able to put one or maybe two other species in my tank. I am closely monitering the activity. Its seems to have calm down. I think it is possibly that the shrimp could be trying to clean the clown because it used to try and get really close to her all the time. That may have been the issue. Do you guys think the clown will be aggressive to other fish also? I would had to lose a new fish because of a weird clown with an attitude. Band Hunter
  13. I have always liked those hawkfish. Looks good Band Hunter
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