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  1. Bigbyrd's 30G FiNnEx

    Righttt...that 8800 will blow the doors off of any game at max right now. Plus its easier to OC a single GPU. Anyway, byrd, you shoudl have gone quad-core and gotten the asus maximus board instead of the 780i
  2. Drilling a BioCube ?

    That I will try. I was smart enough to cut quite a bit of the silicone off to test, as well as dremeled off those hinges for the hood - open top so it doesn't matter Thanks for the tip
  3. Sunpod for the Biocube 14 Who has them?

    No I don't have it but. You will have no problem keeping any coral as long as you adjust your photoperiod accordingly. And, you may have some heat issues, but that is easily remedied with some fans
  4. First nano, setup suggests, anyone?

    I'd skip the Fluval as well as the skimmer. As for heater...look at the packages, they suggest tank size on them.
  5. How many clowns can I put in a 20L or 29g

    Yes, no more than 3 clowns under at least like 90g...and it better have a helluva lota rock
  6. growth rate of candy canes

    Fairly...to moderately....depending on your tank
  7. Drilling a BioCube ?

    anybody know of some type of acetone for some thick black rubber silicone? ^Hopefully that wont melt the plastic rim.
  8. shrimp compatibility question

    My ex-g/fs tiger pistol never bothered her 2x cleaners...so go for it?
  9. Go for the randalli ....its alot quieter!
  10. Drilling a BioCube ?

    Tooo late....Back glass and bottom are shattered out
  11. Drilling a BioCube ?

    Hello Dan, No that back glass is not tempered, however, we do not recommend drilling the tank. If you have anymore questions please feel free to contact us at 1-800-255-4527. Thanks, Star Star Wallowing Bull Technical Support Central Aquatics OKAY then....so hopefully I dont crack it
  12. Drilling a BioCube ?

    i guess i get to take a hammer to my bc
  13. Drilling a BioCube ?

    So...before I do something stupid and get a replacement glass back for my BC14 Is the back tempered or not? This is the plan anyway, I figure use ____(insert product here) that will hopefully loosen up the sealant...replace the back glass and reseal...and plumb ^Easy as that right The real question though....Will I void my warranty
  14. WTB 70w mh kit

    Got one, but its a retro...and you'll have to get a new bulb + reflector. Bulb is about 6mo, and reflector is a DIY pos. Ballast is ballast-wise, and fully wired.
  15. Bio Cube Skimmers

    IMO the AIO skimmers will never do their job unless they are in the main tank. Unless you setup an ATO, the water level is too inconsistent to keep a water-line that can keep skimmate rising.